Where Empires are Built- CodeForce 360 Presents the World of Silicon Valley


The perks, wonders and prospects of Silicon Valley are not just mere legends in the world of technology, but a well known truth which is evident in the way startup companies and corporations sneered all the way to the bank and the billboards after making that strategic move into Silicon Valley.

A breeding ground for major success

Fondly referred to as “the Valley”, this historic geographical portion of land centered in the Santa Clara Valley of Northern California has been the training ground for some of the most iconic individuals and corporations while also playing the role of a critical launch pad for budding startups for the last three decades. Apart from playing these pivotal roles in careers, the valley has also been an amazing atmosphere for research and development of some of the most technologically marvellous products and devices we have seen over the past three decades, and has been the symbol of the “American Dream” with the never-ending list of alumni who have made it big in the valley. Right from the likes of Steve Jobs to Bill Gates, almost every major business and tech icon has been nurtured and trained in the distinctive realm of Silicon Valley

CodeForce 360 believes that thousands of startup companies are looking to move in to the valley after a staggering number of companies that moved in, only to enjoy the success of a business empire, years down the road. CodeForce 360 believes that it’s not just the perks of moving in to Silicon Valley, but most importantly the exposure that startup companies and future corporations receive by just being in the neighbourhood of some of the most established companies in the world which have literally written the book on entrepreneurial success and survival.

To further explain the significance of Silicon Valley and the reasons behind the success stories its occupants have enjoyed, CodeForce 360 presents some of the major advantages, perks and factors that foster great growth and lay the platform for success, firms and companies looking to move in to grab a slice of the pizza.

Advantages and benefits galore:

  • • Unlimited Access to tools and resources: The fact that Silicon Valley was built to pump startups is a well known fact. Apart from being home to the best of engineers and businessmen, CodeForce 360 asserts that the valley’s also known to be the base of hundreds of investors relentlessly searching for that company that makes the cut. Also present here are the financial and legal organisations that specialize in dealing with startup companies. Moreover, you will not find conferences with more global exposure than the ones held at the valley.
  • • Healthy Culture: A startup’s efforts are never really appreciated or completely overlooked when operating out of a major city or a lesser known town. CodeForce 360 points out that, in the valley, startups are not just recognized for their efforts, but also pushed to try harder when facing the prospect of failure. Moreover, startup companies run on a 24-hour clock, for the relentless pursuit of success while achieving short-term goals enabling long- term success which is brilliantly fostered in the valley.
  • • Proximity to major corporations: Companies such as Google and Apple have their HQ in the valley and keep looking at acquisitions of other firms every second. CodeForce 360 believes that being in the same neighbourhood as these companies provides the opportunity to not just operate jointly with them, but also grab their attention for a possible acquisition which opens doors to scintillating opportunities.
  • • Proximity to top schools: CodeForce 360 highlights the fact that thousands of companies at the valley have prospered courtesy their proximity to the best computer science colleges like Stanford. This proximity provides a major advantage as there is an ease in search for fresh and simmering talent. CodeForce 360 also believes that in today’s world, startup companies are on the rise with thousands of students who graduate with top degrees from these schools and decide to test and hone their talent in the breeding grounds of the valley, giving existing startup companies the perfect opportunity to hire or work with the best possible candidates.
  • • Less of unnecessary sophistication, more in substance: CodeForce 360 believes that unlike other major cities where certain business development meetings turn out to be a photo-op or one where corporate honchos get to flash those expensive tuxedos, in the valley, meetings…in one word…are pure fun. Pizza parlours, bars, diners, coffee shops or even the office’s huge ops desk without the suit and tie routine…these are how the meetings at even the highest level, usually take place at the valley. CodeForce 360 asserts that meetings in the aforementioned fashion, undeniably puts the employees at ease, removes any air of bureaucracy over proceedings and most importantly, helps the team engage in fruitful discussions as the best decisions are often made through sound discussions.

Future Prospects:

With the aforementioned advantages, CodeForce 360 believes that companies are moving in to Silicon Valley, by the second, as the advantages and perks of just having an office at the valley outweigh those which a company can have in other major cities.

CodeForce 360 believes that the breeding ground for technological empires has a lot more to offer in the near future, which is full of options. Moreover, more options mean healthy and bright prospects.

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