Things to do When You’re Unemployed: A Codeforce 360 Report

Things to do when unemployed

Being unemployed is something which everybody fears and tries their best to avoid. The word “unemployed” paints a picture of candidates with their backs to the wall but not many people realize that unemployment is a phase that tests your resolve to be optimistic and stay in hot pursuit for better opportunities.

According to CodeForce 360, unemployment is the phase where you discover plenty other sources for fresh opportunities and ventures, add new skills and make connections across the industrial realm. While optimism is a key ingredient, CodeForce 360 believes that there are certain moves to be made in order to stay a step ahead and build your résumé despite being unemployed.


  1. 1. Internships & Temporary Projects: This is the first that should cross your mind when musing over things-to-do during unemployment. There’s nothing low-key about applying for an internship or project. In fact, internships are among the easiest ways to get noticed as you’ll be working directly with a company/firm. When your performance speaks volumes about your potential, this temporary stint will eventually bubble into a fruitful employment.
  2. 2. Certifications/Classes: The best shot at skill expansion. Joining a class or a certificate course during unemployment phase on your résumé highlights fresh skill acquisition and reflects your zest to keep learning.
  3. 3. Volunteering/Causes: Not many people know the value of volunteering for causes and NGOs. Having this bullet point in your résumé speaks volumes about your attitude towards critical issues that impact the world and gives recruiters/firms the impression of possessing immense character.
  4. 4. Blogging: Giving hiring managers and companies an impression that you’re a cut above the rest is of tactical importance. There’s no better way to achieve that than engaging yourself in activities like blogging. Blogs are some of the best forums in this digital age to have your technical proficiency and knowledge noticed. Moreover, not many IT professionals and software think-tanks out there have this great habit as it requires time and effort to spread your knowledge to knowledge seekers across the digital realm. So once you start blogging and generate traffic via social media or other means, you’re sure to generate views, hits and encourage feedback. This habit eventually bubbles into an intellectual skill.

Things to do when unemployed 2

  1. 5. Being Trend-Aware & Keeping Up with Current Affairs: You’re sure to be grilled during an interview for a competitive opportunity. Hiring managers and interviewers are impressed by things which aren’t usually considered critical. One of these things include your knack of keeping up with current affairs which is sure to pique their curiosity and win them over.
  2. 6. Thinking Out-of-the-Box: Companies/firms across all industries thrive on ideas and innovations that capture people’s imagination. Coming up with clever little ideas or concepts reflect your knowledge and ability to think out-of-the-box.
  3. 7. Building a Rolodex: A habit that guarantees your survival in the industry. When unemployed, you have all the time to step out and meet mutual friends who are established, develop a professional rapport with them and stay connected. You can also reach out to your family and their contacts who can open doors for you. Furthermore, candidates seeking jobs in today’s digital age have all the tools at their disposal in the form of professional networking sites like LinkedIn, BranchOut, AngelList etc. where they can connect with hundreds of professionals on a daily basis.



Things to do when unemployed 3


The only way to successfully make these moves is by being perpetually restless, extremely positive about your chances and having an insatiable thirst for knowledge. CodeForce 360 has observed that those who lake these critical traits fail to display the sort of tenacity that’s expected from unemployed candidates who are supposed to regain stability.

According to CodeForce 360, these are the traits that set the tone for a recovery and help your regain professional as well as financial stability.



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