The Right Virtualization Tech With Bright Future Prospects- CodeForce 360 Examines the Future of VMWare


Over the past 15 months, dozens of tech gurus inexorably pondered over VMWare’s redundancy issues completely overlooking the prospects that are garishly bright for the future of virtualization technology. In this article, CodeForce 360 provides insights into VMWare’s VSphere 6.0 and Virtual SAN which are known to open doors to bright future prospects for VMWare.

VSphere 6.0

VSphere 6.0 enables a noticeable level of ease when it comes to virtualizing business processes and applications, meeting the requirements of conditional Service-Level Agreements (SLAs) as well as cutting costs when it comes to establishing an efficient and versatile virtualized infrastructure as it packs a set of functionalities that guarantee a sustaining virtual environment.

According to CodeForce 360, VSphere is capable of packing the right tools that will help any user or company take that giant yet profitable leap into the world of Cloud Computing . VSphere is also an extremely dependable platform where you can develop any application required for your business to thrive and succeed. Apart from the well known capabilities such as a quirky DIY interface where you can design your own Cloud storages and processing centres, efficient virtualization of applications and storage conversion on virtual machines, CodeForce 360 highlights some of the other important benefits with VSphere 6.0:

  1. 1) Consistent performance: High performance is guaranteed with VSphere’s superior hardware implementation and automation functions.
  2. 2) Increase in uptime: Prepare to say “Ciao” to those woes of unexpected downtime and scheduled downtimes for maintenance and other issues.
  3. 3) Decreased IT costs: Running applications on VSphere will enable a reduction of more than 25% when it comes to IT costs.
  4. 4) Versatility: Guaranteed efficiency to meet the challenges of various scenarios that involve a change in approach, design or even the way you run business applications.


With the development of VSan, VMWare’s purpose of taking virtualization to the next level by transforming hardware-defined data management to software-defined data management, is clear.

CodeForce 360 lays emphasis on VMWare’s promotion of reliable Cloud Computing by developing efficient and seamlessly multi-dimensional virtual infrastructures that provide mobility, adaptability and flexibility to meet its requirement of reliable Cloud Computing.

VMWare’s VSan is a flash-driven, sustaining and sharable data management package that helps manage basic device storages and even solid-state storages. These capabilities help you bring in the adaptability from the existing VSphere infrastructure and enable state-of-the-art storage virtualization which jointly operates with the functionalities of your VMWare package.

CodeForce 360 highlights the importance of VSan’s package with some of its basic functionalities that are critical when it comes to running operations using VSphere’s infrastructure:

  1. 1) Easy switch between hybrid as well as full-flash storage modes.
  2. 2) Easy enabling with just a few clicks.
  3. 3) Zero necessity for additional software and add-ons.
  4. 4) Framework policy-driven functionalities that help auto-run manual functions seamlessly.

These basic benefits certify VSan as invaluable, particularly in the current industry where thousands of companies hit the wall due to bringing in expensive packages which are not adaptable to situations that demand versatility and the capability to auto-update as installing multiple add-ons costs time and money.

Apart from its basic functionalities, VSan also bring along certain key advantages that would benefit any organisation implementing its package:

  1. 1) Far less complicated and accelerated storage management, as compared to traditional tools and packages.
  2. 2) Highly consistent swift response rates.
  3. 3) Automated tuning which enables swift monitoring and balancing of storage tools.
  4. 4) Flash-enabled storage architecture.
  5. 5) Seamless Integration and transferred adaptability with VMWare’s VSphere.
  6. 6) A reduction of more than 40% in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

According to CodeForce 360, these features of VSphere and VSan along with their  benefits would certainly maintain VMWare’s reputation in the industry as the top- tier provider in virtualized infrastructure technology while also opening doors to garishly bright future prospects that are sure to help users and companies of all scales requiring these services.

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