The Revolution is Here for Good: How Digital Tech is Changing the Way we Work


The digital revolution is undeniably at its peak. Paperwork is almost a thing of the past, standing in those long queues to pay your taxes is a lunchtime joke and skills considered *gold* 5 to 8 years ago are now a reason to fall behind.

Digital technologies have changed every single aspect of not just how we work but how we think and formulate strategies to tackle all sorts of tasks, particularly at work. Moreover, large companies, mid-sized business entities and individuals begin to file for bankruptcy when sales and customer reach plummet all due to not embracing the scope of the digital revolution. This is noticed particularly in the case of bookstores like Borders and legendary music retail and video rental giants such as Tower Records and Blockbuster.

According to CodeForce 360, just like the industrial revolution swept across all possible cultural and professional spheres, the digital revolution is having a vice grip, shifting trends by the day and changing the way we work, at a frenetic pace.


To examine these changes, CodeForce 360 lists some key observations highlighting the effect of digital technologies in the industry:

  1. 1. Employee empowerment: Just like the industrial revolution gave employers absolute control, the digital revolution will hand the advantage to the employees who possess niche skills sets in their arsenal.
  2. 2. Emphasis on quality over quantity: Startup companies, which thrive on digital technologies, have added a whole new dimension to the way we work. Companies who prefer “working smart” are banking on the occupational ease provided by digital technologies. With advanced skill sets in their favour, thousands of individuals are able to deliver their absolute best by just answering the shout-out for advanced task handling rather than pulling the 8 AM to 5 PM stretch all the time.
  3. 3. One-touch services from the cloud: The concept of an “IT Department” is close to redundant nowadays as companies are finding the idea of “tapping into a cloud” far more simpler and effective. With dozens of services such as AWS, companies are able to solicit seamless IT support at the click of a button while enjoying the comfort of self-explanatory functions which are usable by even the most technically-inept of individuals.
  4. 4. Relentless efforts for digitization: Companies with a relatively low customer-base are the ones still implementing conventional methods to deliver products and services while companies who are going digital from the get-go are the ones enjoying phenomenal ROI and customer allegiance. This is courtesy their efforts on mobile and equally fluid platforms that provide customers umpteen services at the click of a button.

CodeForce 360 believes that these observations give an idea of the effect the digital revolution has on the way we work. According to CodeForce 360, digital technologies have automated thousands of processes wiping out the need for blue-collar jobs while white-collar jobs have been replaced by slick AI.

The trends are bound to shift by the year with far more advanced digital technologies dominating the tech realm.

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