CodeForce 360 Presents the Advantages of Mobile Application Development Platforms (MADPs)


The Power of Mobile Platforms

Mobile Platforms or Mobile Application Development Platforms (MADP), over the last three to four years, have been deemed critical for the success of a business while also playing the role of a vital launch pad for millions of small businesses across the world that relied heavily on the success of mobile applications. CodeForce 360 throws light on the importance, relevance and prospects of MADPs in this article.

In short, MADPs are the mobile application software platforms that provide businesses of all possible scales, the opportunity and facility to create, program and deploy apps that are easy an way of reaching out to consumers, providing swift and easy access anytime, anywhere. MADPs have been high-on-demand courtesy the tools and tweak buttons they provide for the business in order to build the app suited for their design and implementation, for smartphones as wells as tablets.

While there are plenty of conventional MADPs around in the technological globosphere, CodeForce 360 presents some of the most popular MADPs that businesses of all possible scales rely on, today:

Some of the most popular MADPs:

  1. 1. ShoutEm: ShoutEm is one of the quirkiest and funkiest of MADPs around. This MADP allows you to build the app of your planned design with multiple options for customizing your design while providing an amazingly efficient integration with some of the most popular social media portals such as Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, WordPress etc. while also being able to receive auto-updates in order to stay abreast with the latest developments in iOS and Android. While the customization and integration features stand out, the easy monetization features enables you to build efficient payment channels that facilitate easy and swift online transactions with the help of multiple payment gateways.
  2. 2. BiznessApps: This MADP provides some of the best customization features along with pristine interfaces for catering businesses aiming at swift food service through mobile apps. BiznessApps is used by most of the businesses in the food service industry as you have a huge number of options for customizing while also finding the right features for the app of your design. Apart from the customization features, businesses have an efficient content-management system at their disposal along with dozens of necessary features such as shopping cart, push notifications and tight-integration with social media.
  3. 3. AppMachine: An MADP with a quirky feature of being able to use building blocks to suit your design with tons of features, interface and colour combinations to provide more ideas to your existing plans of design. The app also provides an efficiently tight integration with multiple social media platforms. Apart from the aforementioned features, you have a live previewer to view your progress while also getting an amazing view of how the app looks like in order to give you sitreps on how the app looks like during different stages.
  4. 4. Good Barber: Good Barber provides an amazing platform to build iOS and Android applications, giving you the chance to take complete creative control of the app without having to write even a single line of code. The app has close to 9 design templates at the beginning of your subscription with plenty more to follow while also providing over 300 attractive icons and over 500 Google fonts, facilitating a brilliant app design. The app provides immediate feedback about various parameters involved in the design through previews, while you have an effective content management system where you can make your users submit blogs and detailed articles. The app also provides a mobile access facility where users can access the app features using their smartphone’s browser.
  5. 5. Appy Pie: This an amazing cloud-based MADP which allows users to design the mobile applications of their desired design with the help of tons of pages which could be dragged and dropped to create your mobile app. You also receive an HTML-5 based web app which could also be accessed via Blackberry devices. Features such as push, blog and social media-integrations as well as tracking options are available to add plenty of options for user convenience.
  6. 6. appery.io: appery is a conveniently cloud-based MADP where you don’t have to install anything as you can just access the cloud for the development kit. The kit allows you to drag and drop multiple pages and blocks in order to complete the quirky design of your desired mobile app while providing an amazingly tight and sophisticated integration with multiple social media platforms across the web. Apart from the above features, you also have the chance to add a cloud database and backend support to help store data with the help of the cloud.
  7. 7. Mobile Roadie: Mobile Roadie is an MADP which provides users and businesses the chance to develop and efficiently manage their Android and iOS apps while being able to choose from multiple customization features that help design your app from all possible creative angles. Apart from its customization and ease-of-use features, Mobile Roadie also has the auto-updates feature for various social media platforms as well as RSS feeds. The app you get to design also has a user wall where users get to chat and share their experiences on the fly.
  8. 8. The App Builder: App Builder provides users and businesses a huge collection of features such as templates, base design ideas as well as buttons and push-notification options using which businesses can develop apps for online retailing, food service as well as other e-commerce sectors where user experience defines sales and use of the app. This MADP also provides a brilliantly tight-integration like most of the other MADPs with social media platforms. You can either use the online developer kit or the service of the App Builder which you can work with jointly in order to develop the app of your desired design.

CodeForce 360 firmly believes that these MADPs are among the most frequently used to build the quirkiest, funkiest and most convenient of mobile applications to generate an amazing user base and promote the services of a business across various platforms.

CodeForce 360 also presents some of the most visible advantages of investing in the idea of implementing MADPs in order to reach out to a gigantic customer base which helps promote businesses of any given scale

CodeForce 360 presents the noticeable advantages of MADPs:

  1. 1. Amazingly instant results and usership as customers find it easy to access and use services at the click of a button while on the go.
  2. 2. Easy to use and implement in order to utilize the services provided by any business having a quirky, user-friendly app.
  3. 3. Direct marketing with the users by engaging them with notifications and updates, rendering them hooked while they check out the latest products and services the businesses have in store for them.
  4. 4. Amazing opportunity to go viral as users can find it extremely easy to share their satisfaction with a particular service through social media platforms with which the apps have a highly efficient integration.
  5. 5. Easy monetization through mobile payment which has become a necessity with customers preferring payment on the fly rather than cumbersome monthly and weekly transactions.
  6. 6. Easy tracking of user response as you’re aware of the number of hits, downloads, uploads and transactions that reflect the users’ degrees of satisfaction. This helps the businesses understand the shifts, make the necessary changes and tweaks to get back in the game.

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