The Future of SAP – A CodeForce 360 Study


Every professional and organization across multiple industries and sectors understands the necessity of SAP’s business enterprise software solutions in the 21st century. Despite the gigantic boom in versatile software that are multi-dimensional, SAP’s solutions have always been invaluable to every organization’s working and success.

CodeForce 360 examines the recent developments of SAP, particularly the HANA Cloud Platform and the objectives of the very recent S-innovations such as S/4.

“Advantage User” with the SAP HANA Platform

The HANA platform presents advantages galore, for organisations that thrive on top- of-the-line enterprise software that satisfies the demands of flexible data management and simplifying complex data sets. CodeForce 360 presents the announced improved architecture that includes:

  • • Dynamic Tiering: Dynamic Tiering allows users to hold the most frequently accessed data (stored on fast storage) in memory and data which is less frequently accessed (stored on slower storage) on disk which directly reduces the total cost of ownership for all existing data sets at your disposal.
  • • Streaming: Streaming is one of the most important functions which enables an organisation to solve complex big data scenarios.
  • • Enterprise Information Management: With enterprise information management, you can now filter and transform large sets of data with easy while also having the scope of efficient data enrichment without the assistance of extraction, transformation and loading tools. 
  • Graph: An integrated graph support which helps you monitor activity while transforming and filtering data.
  • • Hadoop user-defined functions: A set of user-friendly Hadoop functions which are ideal for Big Data scenarios.
  • • Multi-Tenancy: Multi-Tenancy enables improved flexibility for Cloud data deployment.

The S/4 HANA

“S” stands for simple and 4 stands for “4th generation” while HANA defines in-memory, real-time functions. The acronym itself outlines SAP’s objective with the S/4 HANA. Considered by SAP as its biggest release after ERP (in ’04), S/4 HANA aims at efficient business analytics with key features such as: Increased Workload Capacity, Guided Configuration as well as the acclaimed Multi-Tenancy feature which is in-built courtesy of being built on the existing HANA platform.

CodeForce 360‘s analysis of S/4 points towards the three critical features which define its capabilities:

  • • Absolutely Fiori: S/4 will be based completely on Fiori, which implies that users will have state-of-the-art, less-complex and mobile access to the SAP platform.
  • • Guided Configuration: The SaaS ( Software as a Service) model isn’t always efficient when it comes to providing solutions to users on premise. S/4 is the first platform to be released first on cloud (followed by the on-premise release). In order to counter the threat of on-premise inefficiency, S/4 comes with its guided configuration which enables users to implement the most appropriate practises for various on-premise scenarios.
  • • Simplified Model: During the TechEd’14 conference, SAP has claimed that the S/4 will reduce data footprint by a factor of 10. The claim is sound as all calculations and aggregations can be performed real-time and in-memory. Moreover, S/4 has been built on HANA, which also means that S/4 can only xrun using HANA.

Future of SAP Certified Consultants

With the massive success of Microsoft and Oracle in the past five years in the realm of business analytics, plenty have pointed out towards the possibility of SAP fading away and getting redundant by year. The claim does not stand true as the necessities of SAP technologies will persist in order to meet the demands of modern challenges. According to CodeForce 360, the HANA platform has just indicated the future capabilities of SAP when it comes to analytics as challenges with Big Data etc. can be handled efficiently and effectively. Moreover, S/4 has is the icing on the cake when it comes to providing a flexible technology that can meet the demands of modern challenges anywhere.

With these recent developments, CodeForce 360 asserts that the need for SAP platforms and SAP consultants is only going to increase in the years to come.

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