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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) technology has always been a first among necessities for companies and major organisations for monitoring operations and bringing in efficient inventory and resource management while also having to deal with customer requirements. With recent developments in ERP technologies, the capabilities are only going to get better as they would help in increased management as well as warehouse automation technology- which has been considered as a giant leap in modern technology.

CodeForce 360 examines these advantages which will not just help organisations, companies and manufacturers to kick-start operations, but also offers them advantages through mobile applications and software that brings in spectacular features such as tight-integration, enabling better tracking, inventory management and resource planning.

Future Tools and Advantages

  • • Mobile: The massive advancements in mobile technology over the past two years has helped many organisations and manufacturers reap huge benefits and profits. Mobile technology helps industries provide workers with remote, on-the-go technology that enables the workers track sales, packages, products as well as enter key data and notes which are fed back to the organisation in real-time. Moreover, the organisations can find an easy way to monitor activity, sales and improve on-site management as all the data which (in the past) required a dozen employees to gather, can be entered by the workers themselves with the help of devices such as tablets and company-issued smartphones. According to CodeForce 360, this not just helps better monitoring, but also provide ample opportunities for the organisations to focus on customer relations and satisfaction.
  • • Business Intelligence: Business Intelligence has been deemed critical for every major organisation as the data scattered across multiple databases can provide the chance to develop patterns in data giving valuable and actionable intelligence to solve complex scenarios, existing issues, monitor competition, change in trends and also increase the effectiveness of an organisation’s policies as every kilobyte of data has been gathered in order to provide inputs. CodeForce 360 asserts that the future advancements of ERP will help organisation meet these necessities and solve complex problems by enforcing the use of Big Data which helps develop actionable intelligence to monitor competition, trends, investigate shortfalls and raise red flags where certain festering issues were overlooked.
  • • Warehouse Automation: The existing ERP technology will be enhanced and facing an increase in demand with advancements in warehouse automation where we will see further improvements in the storing, retrieving and moving of inventory by automated systems with plug-ins and other integrations that enable voice-picking as well as advanced real-time tracking. These advances will help organisations also leverage the power of big data to generate key data points that help improve productivity, provide actionable intelligence with regular situation reports and swing in customer satisfaction to arrest a slide or further boost customer satisfaction. CodeForce 360 believes that these advancements will not just help inventory management in evolving into a strategic asset from just a record-keeping tool, but also increase the emphasis of efficient monitoring in other aspects of an organisation’s operations spectrum which will help the organisation avoid errors and shortfall that cost a lot of money.
  • • One Advancement Leading to Another: In the case of Warehouse Automation, manufacturers reaped huge benefits through the use of RFID tracking as every single item in the inventory or warehouse with an RFID could be effortlessly tracked and monitored with bare minimum manpower. The benefits of this technology indirectly led to the practice of trying out voice-enabled and tag-based technologies which is also being used by major organisations today. This goes to show that the advancements with ERP applications would just lead to more.

The Way Forward

With these advancements, major organisations have already begun implementing the different applications bringing forth these advantages. CodeForce 360 considers this as the right time to explore all existing options with ERP technologies as the sheer effectiveness and efficiency of these applications are critical for any organisation’s success.

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