TechCrunch’15- CodeForce 360’s Coverage of the Disrupt Conference at San Franciso, CA


Thousands of IT professionals, teams and startup companies flocked this year’s TechCrunch Disrupt’15 conference held at San Francisco, CA. CodeForce 360 presents a detailed coverage of some of the major events and announcements at this year’s edition of TechCrunch Disrupt that got the attention of millions of techies and set the world’s tech realm on fire!

CodeForce 360 with the News and Announcements that got everybody hooked:

  • • Georama’s Virtual Reality platform to help people travel across the world: Just when everybody was cribbing about the fact that they could not travel the world due to reasons aplenty, Georama announced the capabilities about its VR platform that enables people to explore regions across the world, hassle-free. The company has linked up with travel guides and magazines who can provide HD videos on request or as part of a package to take pictures and film the locations with panoramic cameras like GoPro bringing in the most realistic of experiences.
  • • Pebble announces the capabilities of the Time Round: Pebble founder and CEO Eric Migicovsky gave a sniff of the Time Round’s capabilities. Nifty and defining portable, the Time Round is all set to outclass and outsmart giants like the Apple Watch, Samsung Gear and Motorola’s Android watches with its uniquely spectacular E-ink display as well as the enhanced battery life of the watch that can go up to as far as five to seven days. Migicovsky has clearly stated that a smartwatch’s capabilities are only profitable with a decent battery life and the Time Round can run up to 24 hours a day after being plugged in for just fifteen minutes!
  • • Sprig meals looking to end fast food consumption: Sprig founder and CEO Gagan Biyani has stated that he aims at replacing the consumption of fast food as well as the production and sales of fast food completely by promoting easily deliverable high-on-nutrition meals to customers. With the growing concerns in obesity as well as the saturated content of high-cal food, Biyani has stated the world would be keen on healthier meals at affordable prices. Despite the higher costs of packaging high-on-nutrition organic meals, Biyani has predicted that the services would be affordable even for low-income customers as good health is of paramount importance in today’s food service industry.
  • • ShieldSquare’s unique spin on combating bot traffic: With thousands of content platforms falling victim to malicious bot traffic and finding the task of differentiating between human and bot traffic, Bangalore-based ShieldSquare’s founder Pavan Thatha announced the company’s unique solution of neutralizing the threat. ShieldSquare can be plugged into any web application utilizing an effective REST API with a certain javascript which helps differentiate between human and bot traffic in a more systematically effective manner enabling the easy identification of looming threats from repeated bot attacks.
  • • Preemadonna’s Nail Bot: Premadonna has announced the Lacey NailBot which will enable easy nail colouring after just taking a few pictures using your smartphone’s back camera. The NailBot’s task tank is a printer shaped mini nail salon where you can place your finger after wiping it clean with white polish. Powered by a motorized brush function, the NailBot makes you pick the color of ink and paints the nail with the desired colour in just a few seconds. The device is powered by HP’s thermal technology.
  • • Rollout.io helps app users make code changes and fix bugs: While glitches, bugs etc. are a problem faced by all the users of a certain app, certain problems such as the unresponsiveness or unexpected crashes are pesky enough to cause a delay while you’re on to something important. Rollout.io provides users with an SDK providing method-level access to the app which helps them find the specific methods of the app’s functioning that are causing the crashes. The SDK is preloaded with solutions to most of the generic issues, swiftly resolving the methods causing the crashes.
  • Alan Schaaf’s Imgur, rewriting the book on Social Networking: Imgur is among the most visited sites on the web for images and interests that are specific to the users and not just their friends circle. Unlike Facebook, where you are in the loop courtesy your friend’s interests which you may not share all the time, Imgur’s focus is primarily on the user’s interest and the opportunity to connect with other people sharing the same interests, which according to Schaaf, helps you “break out of your friends list”, and explore more.
  • • Hunon…a device that enables athletes train better, smarter: At first it may seem like just another cryptic device, the size of a paperweight, but this device can be strapped on to the muscle involved in the physical activity and let it rip as it analyzes how oxygenated the blood is during various stages of the activity. The device banks on analyzing the lactic acid threshold which is the point of exhaustion, but athletes can shift that threshold by training harder to increase their stamina which leads to an increase of capability in achieving their physical targets.
  • • Drones to deliver Pizza and more!: The CEO of robotics giant CyPhy works, Helen Greiner, has stated that drones can be used to deliver Pizzas and other products in the near future. Despite the FAA regulations, companies like Amazon have explored swift delivery through using drones in the future. At the conference, Greiner introduced the LV1 drone built by CyPhy works which does not adopt the cumbersome Gimbal system that inhibited manoeuvrability in the previous drones, making the drone far more fluid in movement and control. These drones can be operated just like a moving camera while delivering products at a customer’s doorstep.
  • • Walmart’s Simple Text, making shopping fun and easy: Plenty of customers have complained about going into one of Walmart’s gigantic stores and taking up to an hour to find their pack of Snickers. Simple text is an SMS-based fresh feature that will help customers to connect directly with the Walmart store support following which they can ask for any given item and receive the pinpoint location of that item. All you need to do is text “hi” to 415-214-8445 and you’re connected instantly. If you need further support post the conversation, then just text back “chat” and you’re connected to a live customer support.

CodeForce 360 present the results of the much-awaited Startup Battlefield:

After evaluating close to a thousand startups, TechCrunch handpicked the best 25 to compete for the riveting Startup Battlefield in this edition of the Disrupt conference. The startups present their business model, concept, method of operation, targeted demo, consumers, possible future prospects and evaluations to the panel of judges which included Roelof Botha of Sequoia Capital, Troy Carter of Atom Factory, Aileen Lee of Cowboy Ventures, Matthew Penzarino of TechCrunch, Brian Pokorny of SV Angel and Ruchi Sanghvi of Dropbox.

The startups were competing to win a grand prize of $50,000 and the Disrupt Cup. After a thorough evaluation and analysis of the startups ideas, dynamics and prospects as well as narrowing the list down to six finalists, greenhouse data sensing company Agrilyst and point-of-sale service provider for cannabis retail stores, Green Bits bagged the Winner’s and the Runners-up awards respectively.

About Agrilyst(Winner)

Agrilyst enables greenhouse operators to run their tasks and operations more efficiently by gathering data from sensors installed in the greenhouse, providing information about yields, health and other critical metrics.

About Green Bits (Runners-up)

Green Bits provides point-of-sale delivery solutions for many cannabis retail stores in today’s world where dispensaries are stymied in terms of time as well as price due to the respective state’s regulation and monitoring of inventory, distribution and sales.

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