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Existing Issues

Cyber security has become extremely important to large corporations as well as startup companies that rely on the collection and maintenance of treasure troves of data. With the increase in the use of gigantic databases in every IT and commercial sector in the world, hacking has become far more frequent and deadly in being able to destabilize databases and hacking the systems in order to extract large pools of data, the mere collection and maintenance of which costs millions of dollars.

The Importance of Cyber Security

CodeForce 360 believes that the emphasis on cyber security is one of paramount importance as even major credit card companies are investing millions of dollars on ensuring that their databases are intact and impenetrable. However, millions of users and customers are falling prey to hacks due to the increase in sophistication and frequency of high-end penetration attempts in the form of phishing sites etc. which tend to lead the user into a trap with no escape.

CodeForce 360 believes that a company’s contingency plans and threat awareness are valuable only when its users and customers have an equal awareness about the existing threat of hacks. CodeForce 360 also believes that major corporations relying on data worth millions of dollars should be educating their users and customers through regular emails and flyers about the existing threat, ways to avoid falling prey to hacks as well as the importance of keeping the customers’ key information extremely private. This method, has been adopted by banking corporations during the rise of credit card fraud and has been extremely effective in educating the users and customers about the risks and ramifications of disclosing data on phishing sites and unknown third party sites.

In the wake of this existing threat, CodeForce 360 lists the cyber security measures which users, customers and companies of all possible scales should be aware of.

Quintessential Measures

  • • Installing an efficient Anti-Virus software: An Anti-Virus software is the tireless custodian of your computer or mobile device on which you hold valuable data. These Anti-Virus software programs not just block harmful URLs or portals from being accessed while you’re caught unaware, but also help in blocking viruses, malware as well as adware and spyware from your web browser.
  • • Avoiding Simple Passwords: Hackers find it extremely easy to crack simple passwords which are just a collection of letters without any special characters. This is among the primary reasons why millions easily fall prey to hacks. Using a mix of upper and lower case letters along with the inclusion of spaces in between the letters at random are the best ways to confuse hackers, making it difficult for them to crack your password.
  • • Deploying a Firewall: These firewalls which might seem pesky at times, are the best way to block online traffic and hackers dwelling on harmful websites. The firewalls at your workspace can be programmed to restrict the flow of confidential mails outside your company’s network.
  • • Avoid opening suspicious mails: These mails are often disguised in the form of your existing contacts, letters from banks or having informal text as the subject. Avoid clicking on these mails at all cost as these mails are used to phish your key data resulting in massive hacks. Most of the mail services have a dedicated spam filter, but to be on the safer side it’s better to be aware.
  • • Secure your WiFi networks: Avoid using the WEP networks and stick to WPA2 networks which are far more secure and provide resistance against hackers. Keep changing the name of your access point or router in order to confuse hackers and stymie their efforts to zero in on your devices.
  • • Securing portable devices: Devices such as smarphones, laptops and tablets are the most vulnerable to hack attempts as their portability brings in a high level of reliability, resulting in storing important data. Securing these portable devices involves installing encryption software, mobile Anti-Virus as well as standard device locking mechanisms through passwords.
  • • Back-up your data: It is highly important to store your data in a backup drive, a cloud storage or even a portable hard disk which can hold copies of your important data such as files or even multimedia. This practice proves its importance when you lose all your data, but immediately have a copy to resume your work or activity without paying a heavy price.
  • • Installation of encryptions software: Encryption software is essential in order to safeguard your credit card numbers as well as other financial credentials from repeated hacks. Plenty of encryption software packages, available in the market, mask your important financial credentials such as credit and debit card numbers as well as account numbers and netbanking passwords in the form of undecipherable codes which confuse hackers, ensuring complete protection from hacks.

The Way Forward

CodeForce 360 believes that the measures mentioned above are of paramount importance when it comes to countering the existing threat of hacks. CodeForce 360 also believes that in order to protect their treasure troves of data, large corporations must keep educating their employees on the threats posed by hackers as well as their abilities in infiltrating even the most secure of data banks. CodeForce 360 lays emphasis on the importance of employee awareness through regular mailers about the ways to counter the threat through numerous measures which can be implemented as well as regular mailers to make the employees check whether their data is well backed-up and secured.

Furthermore, CodeForce 360 believes that it’s up to the users to ensure that they follow all the safety precautions and keep an eye out for open backdoors which could pave the way for massive hacks, keep their access data private and rely only on secured networks for performing their tasks and transactions.

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