Staff Augmentation

CodeForce 360 is a rapidly growing consulting, technology and professional services company focused on utilizing technology to drive business value. We provide business consulting solutions to Fortune 500 companies, Mid-size and public sector entities by first seeking to understand their unique business challenges and opportunities then building specific solutions that drive business. With over $ 12 million in annual revenues, we are named one of “America’s Most Promising Companies” by FORBES magazine in 2013.

We are powered by a talented pool of more than 250 W2 and 90000 subcontractors in database with expertise in today’s most sought after technologies including SAP, Oracle, Salesforce.com, PeopleSoft, Cloud integration, mobile applications, security, networking, custom development, testing, data warehousing, ETL and BI space with geographic presence in North America and Asia. Our business consulting provides solutions to our clients by addressing their market needs and business challenges in order to achieve their targets. We specialize in enterprise solutions, supply chain management, financials and controlling, client relationship management, business analytics, enterprise reporting, human resources (HR) and human capital management, enterprise security and administration and web development, among other capabilities.

Our Mantra is “Talent Drives Technology” and not the other way around. We are confident that our biggest asset is our human capital, in addition to our technological advantage. As a result the vast majority of our consultants are W2 employees. Hence, our focus is on the dedicated support to our consultants by providing them a variety of project options, skill development opportunities, career planning services and new technology trainings.

Contingent Workforce

With the continuous changes in business needs and project deadlines the demand for industry specific, cost-effective and highly skilled workers is growing. Clients are looking at partnering with companies to provide staffing solutions that match demand and supply. Our contingent workforce aims to provide you with highly talented and skilled resources to meet your business and technological objectives.

In addition to our pool of extremely talented W2 resources, Code Force also hires workers with unique skill-sets and sources resources, should your project require them. Our dedicated account manager’s work to find the right resource based on your specific business needs to create unique business value. This lowers your net cost of hiring and recruiting, while minimizing risk. With all these advantages Code Force Contingent Workforce is the solution for all your staffing needs.

Account Management: Our experienced, dedicated account managers help you find the best candidate for your technological needs. By having a local account manager working with our global team, we provide tremendous business value through our onsite/offshore model.

Hiring: We focus on hiring the best resources with the right skill sets to meet your technological objectives and exceed your expectations.

W2 Resources: We are powered by a pool of extremely talented resources; in all major technologies allow us to provide you staffing solutions in any technology. We even provide training specifically tailored to client needs to deliver the highest possible level of performance.

Niche Skills: CodeForce has the ability to staff projects in more than 30 different technologies in SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Salesforce.com, cloud, mobile, reporting, security, networking, programming, web development, testing, data warehousing, ETL and the BI space.

The CodeForce recruitment process is always running as we continuously identify, screen and verify candidate’s backgrounds, expertise for inclusion in our database. The complete solution we will deliver for your recruitment needs are supported through our pool of W2 consultants, our continuous hiring of new resources, and our database of over 90,000 consultant profiles from our alliances and partners in the industry. Our database of active consultants is kept up-to-date with ratings for every professional. We maintain relevant information such as current project, references and availability date. We also maintain ratings for consultants who have previously worked on client assignments based on interview feedback, client satisfaction for the services and other factors. When client has a need that can’t be filled immediately from our existing pool of W2 resources, odds are we already have identified a number of high quality resources that can be sourced with the lowest possible turn-around time.

Sourcing: Much of our process is automated and includes built-in quality control measures. Our pool of highly skilled W2 resources and sub-contractors in addition to our database and proprietary tools results in quick turn-around time (hiring cycle) and reduces overall cost of the hiring process.

Our process has been designed to rigorously identify the best candidates while eliminating the unsuitable ones. This helps us to quickly present the right resource cost effectively. We use the same process for project oriented and permanent hiring solutions.

Screening: Our screening process includes interviews with human resources (HR) and technical staff to enhance the vetting process in order to find the best match. The process includes background checks, professional references checks, work authorization checks, education and training verification, online testing of relevant skills and feedback from previous clients the candidates have worked for. The comprehensiveness of our process is what separates CodeForce from the competition when it comes to getting the right consultant for every project.

Onsite/Offshore Model: Our unique sourcing and staffing model uses offshore resources to enhance our process for quicker turn-around time and cost savings.

To support the efforts of our dedicated onsite account managers and recruiters we have built a very large team in India. When the onsite team processes a new client’s resource requirements, they are forwarded them to our team in India. This offshore team focuses on the e-mail and phone-based portion of the process to expedite turn-around time (virtual 24 hour turn-around) while still preserving a hands on, high quality experience for clients with their local account managers. This allows our teams to save time and cost without any compromise in quality.

Submission: After finding the right resource for the requirement we submit candidates to the client through emails, client portals or web based submittal processes. Clients then proceed with the next set of technical interviews and screening and provide us with feedback.

Billing: The client negotiates the rate and issues the purchase order for the consultant being hired. The time-sheet tracking process helps us determine the total hours on the project. We then invoice the client according to their payment terms through our internal billing system or our client’s billing system.

It becomes difficult to manage multiple vendors with the human resources (HR) burden onsite. From the smallest to the largest companies, all businesses can benefit from a partner handling this work so they can focus on their core business. With our VCS you can outsource all your needs from hiring to termination. You can also manage multiple vendors with Code Force as the single point of contact while reducing your cost and liability.

We can help you retain your potential and critical resources, keeping track of your budgets using our Pass-through services. This helps you focus on your procurement process during important changes in business dynamics like mergers or acquisitions. This helps in manage your budget by lowering the costs by using our vendor consolidation in addition to our Pass-through services.

Why Codeforce 360?

Code Force 360 has developed a proprietary recruitment and hiring methodology that has been used to drive exceptional business value to our clients and reduced overall cost.

CodeForce Advantage Value to Client

1. Best-in-class performance guarantee for every placement.

No cost for consultants not meeting standards plus immediate replacement.

2. Large pool of best-in-class bench consultants

Quickly staff projects with qualified consultants

3. Ability to staff in more than 30 different technologies

Single Source for most projects reduces complexity and improves time to hire.

4. Blended Onsite/Offshore delivery model

Delivers best in class pricing driving maximum value for client and fast turn-aroundtime.

5. High consultant retention rate

Competitive pay structure and continual projects.

6. Over 4 years in IT staffing

Time and cost savings from getting the right resource quickly and at the best cost.

7. Best Pricing: 10% to 15% lower cost than competitors

Cost savings

8. 70% of Consultants are W2 Employees (this is an average, based on past projects and may vary). Bench Consultants that are demanded by companies with the highest standards

Reliability, smooth work flow, Piece of mind knowing you have the best.

9. Geographic diversity to source the best local talent in many locations

Minimizes travel time and cost, cultural misunderstandings, and ensures your consultants can respond quickly to needs that require their physical presence at your location

10. Industry-leading processes

Reliability-our processes ensure the best results the first time, every time

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