Asia Pacific Staffing

The Indian Staffing industry is among the fastest growing in the world with scores of companies lining up opportunities which are up for the taking. It includes scores of vacancies, placements in companies of all kinds, providing temporary professionals, and a list of other related services.

The Indian Staffing industry has three kinds of staffing services:

Contract: contract staffing is the type of staffing where companies on-board professionals for a short-term basis for specific assignments.

Permanent: This includes fetching, screening, vetting, and on-boarding professionals for permanent positions at companies of all kinds.

Related services: This includes HR consultancy, training, payroll management, and web portal services.

At the moment, the Indian staffing industry is growing at the rate of 20-25% every year with the numbers expected to increase with the entry of niche technologies and fields.

Why CodeForce 360?

Having established itself as one of the fastest growing firms in the US, which has the largest and most competitive staffing industry, CodeForce 360’s presence in the Indian Staffing industry is poised to bring some of the most innovative methods which are sure to take the industry by storm.

With a team of experts and professionals backed by decades of experience in the private sector and most importantly IT and non-IT staffing, CodeForce 360 presents its potential clients the opportunity to relish the best of skill sets across multiple technologies which are set to define proceedings in the years to come.

All of the above, along with its deep networks across multiple sectors and marketplaces certifies CodeForce 360 as a force to reckon with.

CodeForce 360 currently provides staffing on both Contract and Permanent basis.

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