Sound Practises fetching Better Talent- CodeForce 360 and its Effective Recruiting Framework



Existing woes

“The best practises fetch the best talent”. This is a banal quote that relentlessly managed to hold true in the IT industry for the past two decades.

More often than not do we see companies invest inexorably on the sagacity of recruiting agencies implementing anachronistic practices when it comes to pooling talent and hiring employees. This leads to hiring talent which is neither technically versatile nor a long term asset. CodeForce 360 has set the bar high for sound recruitment through its recruiting framework which has worked wonders and is most importantly, better-suited for modern day recruiting in the IT industry.

Implementing an effective framework

The framework enforced by CodeForce 360 comprises of a quintessential set of steps that would get the ball rolling for any IT service or recruitment company in the current as well as the future market. The steps involved in this effective framework are as follows:

1. Emphasis on effective scouting and constructive professional relationships: With the tangible advantages of social media recruitment and talent identification tools, CodeForce 360 has successfully utilized the advantages provided by Linkedin, Bayt etc.
With these social recruitment portals, hiring agencies as well as core IT companies have the best possible chance at identifying talented professionals through reaching out to them, fostering relationships which may not just serve the existing needs of companies but also provide options for the foreseeable future.

2. Use of recruitment manager social networks effectively: Portals like Hootsuite,Socialbro, Tweetdeck and Buffer have been implemented by CodeForce 360’s hiring managers to tap into their individual social networks in order to post job opportunities or even spread awareness about the company. These tools help the hiring managers to reach out and nurture potential talent as well as future recruits by sending posts aboutopportunities to all their followers and contacts listed in their numerous social media profiles.

3. Identifying talent availability by the region: It is not always feasible to fetch a required talent from any given corner as the talent pool tends to vary geographically. CodeForce 360 emphasises the importance of analyzing marketable skills by the region which helps in devising strategies that effectively help scout and hire the required talent from known areas and circles enabling productive recruitment.

4. Implementing a “sound recruitment for rewards” strategy: CodeForce 360 has identified the underlying nuances of today’s competitive world by implementing a sales strategy for effective recruitment. For every contact, professional relationship or successful long term asset recruitment, CodeForce 360 believes that hiring managers should be rewarded or given official recognition which gives a reality check on where the managers of the recruitment department stand individually. This implicitly fosters a charged, competitive environment where they are motivated to step up and enforce sound practises in recruitment.

5. Updating JDs for better job marketing: Most of the hiring managers of their respective recruitment agencies give in to the tendency of using repetitive recruiting statements and JDs that go prosaic after a certain period of time. CodeForce 360 has successfully implemented and emphasised the need for captivating job marketing which is driven by the successful use of a creative edge in job promotion posts and campaigns, building the company’s reputation among job seekers as one to look out for.

6. Use of “Sourcing & Research” teams: Hiring all the employees in a recruitment company to carry out the multitude of tasks involved in hiring potential candidates is cumbersome. CodeForce 360 believes in the concept of using “Sourcing & Research” teams where an individual who is simply tasked with identifying potential recruits and filling the Rolodex is aided by a seasoned recruitment professional who helps judge the suitability of candidates and their potential in being long term assets to the company.

7. Use of recruitment teams: In order to handle varying pools of talent, companies often tend to hit the wall by managing marketable talents from various sectors through a single recruiting department. CodeForce 360 endorses the concept of using multiple trained recruitment teams; like an IT recruitment team, a seasoned professional recruitment team as well as a college intern recruitment team. This results in a less complex process of recruitment as each team efficiently performs its tasks as a specialized department.

Bright prospects for current and future markets

With this effective framework, CodeForce 360 has provided methods which are flexible not just for the current IT industry, but for competitive markets in the future as well through the sheer effectiveness of the methods that ensure efficient management and sound recruiting much to the aid of companies in a quandary, risking years of professional experience and effort.

No longer will companies invest in short term assets or implement obsolete practices for recruitment as CodeForce 360‘s evolved framework ensures that no stone’s unturned for recruiting the best possible talent.

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