Retaining Top-Notch Talent in 2016: A CodeForce 360 Report

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A task that keeps hiring professionals on their toes. Talent-retention, in today’s industrial realm, is widely considered as one of the toughest tasks out there. While failure in retaining top-notch talent is consider a HR-catastrophe, success in retention is considered an amazing feat, guaranteeing the company great business in the months to follow.

CodeForce 360 believes that when it comes to the dynamics behind talent-retention, there’s more to it than meets the eye. In this report, you’ll come across key measures which are critical yet barely noticed. Measures which, according to CodeForce 360, turn tides in the favour of hiring professionals when it comes to retaining high-end talent.


Retaining quality talent 2

  1. 1. Being astute when it come to hiring: While the hunt and necessity for specialized skill sets are perpetual, many hiring professionals fail to realize the importance of implementing the right tools, data or networks to fetch top-notch talent. Moreover, hiring professionals need to understand/predict their talent requirement for the near future. This is essential as it’s not healthy to end up with a batch of employees which the company wouldn’t need in the event of a change in trends/requirements.
  2. 2. Set team to handle decision-making: A problem which looms large over a majority of hiring teams and professionals. Companies that fail to make effective decisions resulting in the loss of top-notch talent often tend to clog the decision-making pipeline with dozens of opinions and perspectives, most of which aren’t necessary. The decisions regarding whether or not a talent is to be deemed essential should always be taken by the team on the hiring table along with a limited yet decent amount of qualified opinions.
  3. 3. Repositioning resource channels as necessary: In most cases, failure in quality talent retention points to the chink titled “resource management”. This is a problem are where too many resources are spent on aspects that aren’t critical while a smidgen of resources are spent on the ones that matter. Hiring professionals need to analyze their existing model and focus time as well as resources towards aspects that decide their success rate in retaining top-notch talent.
  4. 4. Being mind-set driven, when it comes to handling employees: Studies have revealed the existence of two distinct mind-sets among working professionals in major organizations. The first category deals with family-driven employees who are worried about relocating and prospects which might hamper their dependents’ welfare. The second category deals with employees who aren’t inhibited by working overseas or other domestic locations courtesy being career-driven and willing to do whatever it takes to climb up the ladder. For employees who are family-driven, it’s important to provide certain perks/incentives like help in finding a new place to stay, schools for kids or occupational guidance to the spouse. For employees who are career-driven, it’s essential to offer monetary benefits and other incentives which are sure to keep them motivated to perform and go the extra mile.
  1. 5. Identifying the “elite” for retention: An absolute must for hiring professionals. This is almost a “step one” for thousands of hiring professionals who carefully analyze proceedings in order to list possible professionals whose retention is invaluable for the company. In the process of finding employees for retention, it’s important to understand and chalk out the skills these specific employees are being retained for. While an employee’s performance at a technical level is above average, his/her expertise when it comes to maintaining PR, building a professional network are deemed invaluable to a company. While in other cases, employees whose professional networks aren’t deep still pack a punch with their technical skills which helps the company achieve its targets.

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CodeForce 360 asserts that these measures are absolutely essential in order to help your company retain talent which is invaluable in lieu of their demanding business objectives. These measures cover the critical aspects behind retaining professionals with amazing skill sets and ensure that hiring professionals are set in the right direction.

Furthermore, CodeForce 360 believes that talent-retention is all about moving the right pieces at the right time and these measures ensure just that.

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