Productivity Guide For 2018: A CodeForce 360 Study


Read a similar title in our archives? Think again! We talked a lot about having a great workspace and getting the best out of our employees but this one is surgical since it focusses on one and one aspect only: productivity. 2018 will have tonnes of prospects for your company but things won’t tick at the pace you need unless this “P” is taken care of.

When it comes to productivity, there’s more to it than meets the eye. Here are a few ways you (as a manager) can improve productivity at work:

  1. Foster accountability: Free-for-alls are the worst things that can happen while facing daunting tasks and deadlines. In times like these, if your employees aren’t educated on the importance of “owning” their share of the task then you have a problem. “With great power comes great responsibility”, heard of that? Well, at work, “with great responsibility comes great commitment”. Bottom line.
  2. Be approachable: Your teammates will have questions no matter how clear a brief is. That doesn’t mean you indulge in criticism over questions about the same. Be open to questions and be patient to answering the most basic of questions. It assures your employees that you have their back.
  3. Track progress by the second: This isn’t just restricted to how good or bad your teammates are doing. Watch them closely, observe their reactions to situations, and understand what makes them tick. This is when you have that intellectual freedom to provide insights into their performance which make them realize aspects about themselves which they never knew before.
  4. Stress on teamwork: Banal, we agree but this is an absolute must for getting the best out of your teammates. Many hands make light work, but skilled hands produce the best results when the unit is cohesive.
  5. Be easy-going: This doesn’t mean you cut them total slack. It just means that you must let things take their own course when you give direction to your teammates about work-related things.
  6. Encourage “higher learning”: This is where mentoring comes in. Some of your teammates know that they need to be given direction while others don’t. Encouraging them to raise the stakes at work by being curious about what’s happening in the industry plus kindling an ambition to sharpen their skills and acquire new ones will take their capabilities and confidence to a whole different level.

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Productivity Guide For 2018: A CodeForce 360 Study
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