Privacy policy

This section explains how your personal data is gathered, used, and protected by Codeforce 360. Your compliance with our terms and conditions is required for visiting and using this website.

This website is regulated by Codeforce 360. The personal data which customers submit includes different types of data specific to the customer such as name, residential or business address, contact numbers, e-mail, card numbers etc. At Codeforce 360 we ensure that any personal data submitted or fed through surveys, forms etc. is secured and used appropriately without any violations. This attention to securing your personal data stems from our dedication and loyalty to our customers who spend their valuable time on our website(s).

At Codeforce 360, we comply with the law when it comes to using your personal information. We ensure that the personal data provided by our customers is not forwarded to third party websites or any other group of users. When customers share their personal data on Codeforce 360, we ensure that any communication regarding offers or schemes concerned with the data provided is done directly with the customers.

Codeforce.com may list links to affiliated or third-party websites. When our customers click on these links, the information provided on these sites is governed by the privacy policy on these affiliated or third-party websites. Codeforce 360 does not take responsibility for any personal data provided on these sites. However, by taking our surveys and reaching out to us with valuable feedback, Codeforce 360 can helps build service quality and implement policies to serve you better.

Since Codeforce 360 aims at constantly evolving and improving customer experience, our team may contact you with niche products and services which will help provide a greater experience. If you believe that we are misusing your personal data, feel free to reach out to us at info@codeforce.com and our team will work swiftly towards helping you with any concerns/issues.

Codeforce 360 thrives on its customer base and loyalty. Our consistency in service quality is predicated on our ability to protect the data you share and we ensure that any use of your data is dictated by regulatory laws.