Placement Process

CODEFORCE follows a a strategic process for the placement process. We extend our support beyond the single job and see that you are continuously employed with good growth and advancement in your career. We follow a four step process considering all the requirements you have for your career and help in fulfilling your long term goals in career.

CODEFORCE 4 step process for placement

  1. Counseling: We analyse each individual by understanding your skills and interest to determine the best for each candidate.
  2. Training: After concluding with the counseling process we determine the best fit IT skills you need. We will train you in that technology with few of our best trainers and technology experts who best in the industry.
  3. Marketing: After the training, we market you for a suitable job with our of network of clients in the industry. Keeping your goals secure and making sure you are continuously employed, our marketing team put in their best effort for placing you within the promised time frame and lowest bench time.
  4. Closure and Retention: Ones the candidate is finalized for the project, we finish all the necessary documentation and see that you start your first project. CODEFORCE has the best retention rate compared to the average in the industry, as we keep our consultants continuously employed and help them achieve their goals with drastic growth in their career.