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Call centres? Not anymore. A contact centre is a central point in a company where different types of client contacts, such as telephone calls, chat, emails, and other types of correspondence are handled. We are not your ‘traditional’ call centre. We believe our centres are ‘Omni-Channel’. This omni-channel will help your business in providing a great customer experience with every channel from mobile apps, web, chat, and social media to email as well as text.

CodeForce 360’s take on Customer Support-


What would a successful Contact Service Centre offer you?

1.The most impactful element of a good CX is resolving issues quickly

Research conducted in 2016 by CFI Group reveals that customers care most about getting their questions resolved promptly when considering what makes a great experience. 63% of people say that “quick issue resolution” or “resolution on first contact” is the most important element of a great experience.

2.Customers in the United States have some of the lowest thresholds for waiting and being transferred.

Microsoft recently found that 43% of Americans are willing to wait on hold for 1-5 minutes. 39% are willing to wait 5-10 minutes. Any more than that is going to start costing your business as people just hang up.

Luckily, a successful contact service centre will offer appropriate measures to ensure your customers are not made to WAIT:

1.Optimize workforce management

2.Optimize Occupancy rates

3.Increase schedule adherence

4.Improve call forecasting

5.Reduce agent attrition


3.Omni-channel capabilities will be required

In today’s customer-service industry, companies that are really paying attention see the need to take multichannel capabilities further and provide amazing experiences across devices and channels. Called an omni-channel approach, this gives a company a comprehensive understanding of the customer, with the ability to carry an interaction or customer issue seamlessly across multiple channels.

Since customers have high expectations for the services they receive, and an amplified voice when something goes wrong via social media, this fully integrated approach across channels and organizations is evolving into a highly-profitable strategy. However, most organizations still have a long way to go, with only 18% having fully integrated their channels and 31% not yet having started to integrate any channels, according to Deloitte.


Why ‘Contact Service Centre’ through CodeForce 360?

  • 6 years in recruitment and staffing industry. We will hire the right resource for your business.
  • Our current customers include Fortune 500, mid-size, and public sector firms across 35+ States in the United States.
  • Operations team consists of resources with 7+ years’ experience in ‘Chat support’
  • >5 locations globally. We will offer both on-shore and offshore services!
  • We will be your consultants, not just helping hands.

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