Millennials b2b Marketing Journey

who are millennials?

millennials count


There were approximately 55.2 million millennials in the U.S. Workforce.



The department of labor predicts that the workforce will grow to include 74 million millennial.

the raise of b2b millennial decision makers

About 2,000 millennials were surveyed from across the United States abiut their Job Role, Buying Habits, Interests, Usgae of Social Channels - all in B2B context.

Though I’m not technically the sole decision-maker, I have a lot of influence on what we buy. I basically do the research to make the short list and my supervisor almost always approves my recommendation – as long as I have the facts to support it.

“Kendell,” 20, Atlanta, GA, Communications

the millennials way

The majority of millennials indicate that digital channels such as
search engines, vendor websites and social media are the most important channels for researching new products and services
Most of the millennials think mobile devices are important when researching new products and services

Most of the Millennials use Social Media to research products and services for their companies. Facebook is millennials’ primary choice for a social channel and encompasses 40% of their social channel preferences.

I actually use Facebook the most. Sometimes to check in and see what my friends think and sometimes I look for reviews or what people write on companies’ pages. “Maria,” 30, Phoenix, AZ, Entertainment & Recreation

When researching new products and services to make B2B purchasing decisions, millennials prefer video-based content and case studies

Reading long papers takes too much time. I’m a more visual learner. I like to see the product in action. I have 5 minutes max – though I think videos should be short, more like 2 to 3 minutes. “Ingrid,” 23, New York, NY, Publishing

Millennials decision making journey

Millennials are the new purchase decision makers

Understanding their needs, Influencing them with remarkable content and nurturing them is the way. Get in touch with us and let us close more deals together.