Importance of Testing: A CodeForce 360 Report




Competition has never been as stifling as it is today sinking thousands of companies and app-based services by the week. In times like these, the difference maker is the way your services run or your app performs and there is no better way to get a reality check on the performance levels of an app or a slice of software than effective testing.

According to CodeForce 360, this single aspect is the most critical in your development lifecycle and it is imperative that sufficient testing needs be carried out in order to eke out the bugs, make changes, and judge the performance levels before it goes live.

Consider an example where you download of food delivery app on your smartphone. You’re sure to get exasperated and consider uninstalling it when you’re unable to head to the payment page. This is exactly how testing determines user-confidence on your mobile application. Every single aspect under the sun from UI to e-wallet integration is under the scanner once your app/ software goes live.

Mistakes of Cataclysmic Proportions


  1. 1. The infamous computer glitch cost US investment firm Knight Capital over $400 Million worth of shares. A statistic such as this is capable of single-handedly crippling companies along with its networks no matter how spread out, established, or connected they are.
  2. 2. Back in late 2014, third-party sellers were at the receiving end of a massive glitch that priced their products at 1p. The sellers ended up receiving 25 plus orders a minute and had to bear massive losses.
  3. 3. In April 2015, a Bloomberg terminal at the London Stock Exchange affected close 320,000 traders due to a software glitch.
  4. 4. Starbucks had to shut down more than 50% of its outlets across North America due to a glitch in their POS systems network.

Irrefutable Advantages of Testing

  1. 1. The cost of testing software and applications is far less than the “costs” involved in paying for damages caused by massive glitches and failures (like in the cases above).
  2. 2. A steady flow of testing operations results in the formation of a relentless filter network that helps rectify any errors involved and tick all boxes before the app goes live.
  3. 3. Customer retention predicates the success and survival of a software package or application. In this case, the effort directed at retaining and generating a strong customer base begins with testing.


  1. 4. From a development standpoint, the testing phase is relatively innocuous as you can get away with bugs, defects, or errors as compared to the phase post release where every single slip is scrutinized and pored over.
  2. 5. Testing is done from a user’s standpoint. Hence, there’s a great level of ease when it comes to getting a reality check on the user experience before the software/application goes live.

Closing Note

Testing is where it all begins. The only way to slice your way through competitors and thrive in ultra-competitive markets is to ensure that the user experience is top-notch since it’s the factor which single-handedly determines your chances of increasing your customer base and chalking out fresh challenges.

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