Importance Of Learning, While Earning: A Codeforce 360 Report

Importance of learning while earning 1


Successful world icons, business leaders as well as up and coming founders of startups on the rise, credit their success to their zeal to keep learning irrespective of the circumstances. According to CodeForce 360, learning constantly is what keeps any professional on the cutting edge, abreast with the best of what’s going on in the industry and opens doors to scores of opportunities that pack tons of promise.

Learning doesn’t mean that you have to take seats at school or college as it’s a process that consumes a lot of time and money, pausing proceedings for a while. Learning while you work and run through your usual grind is something like a trend nowadays courtesy many effective ways of acquiring knowledge and career-building skills.

In this article, CodeForce 360 shows you ways you can still learn while you earn, acquiring new skills, building a rolodex and knocking on doors that lead to amazing opportunities.


  1. 1. Attending Career-Centric Events: Every single day you have dozens of workshops, talks, lectures on specific trends and tech as well as the chance to bump into individuals who’ve made it big. Just like yourself, you’ll find hordes of like-minded professionals sharing a common zeal. This will not just open your mind to some of those simmering hot topics out there but provide exposure that is worth craving for.
  2. 2. Reading: This isn’t that run-of-the-mill routine where you storm libraries and go shelf by shelf. Good books and well written articles on some of the trending topics in business, technology, prospective careers and field-specific sciences are easily available at the click of a button. All you need to do is sign up with some of the most established journals and book clubs online which send you newsletters while constantly updating your feeds with top-notch reading material. This will keep you abreast with what’s out there and helps you expand your knowledge.
  3. 3. Online Certifications:  Gone are those days where you have to go hunting for classroom programs or short-term courses. Millions of professionals worldwide are plugging into e-learning programs through portals such as Coursera, Udemy etc. where you have certification programs in almost any discipline like Digital Marketing, Corporate Finance etc. These courses come at a price but the long-term benefits, from a career standpoint, are simply priceless.Importance of learning while earning 2
  4. 4. Handling Different Tasks: Performing the same set of tasks every single day may help you pay your bills but doesn’t necessarily grant exposure, eventually leading to a point where things get static. It’s essential to constantly look out for tasks at your workspace that fall outside your core responsibilities. Moreover, companies always welcome fresh perspectives on specific tasks and you, in turn, get to build and identify skills which you never though you could/did possess. This will boost your confidence in your capabilities, make you seek other testing assignments and cement your credentials as an asset for the company.
  5. 5. Building Relationships with Higher-Ups: Getting noticed is what every employee craves for and there’s no better way to do that than engaging yourself in conversations with professionals carrying out multitudes of tasks at the executive level. These professionals are backed by years of experience which is worth its weight in gold. Kindling conversations and discussions with them time-to-time makes them identify traits and skills you possess. This, in turn, results in being handpicked for projects and conferences where you can make a larger audience take notice.
  6. 6. Projects Outside Work: There are many professional-connect chapters, organizations and initiatives where you can volunteer for roles and responsibilities. This will provide a staggering amount of exposure as you get to go to conferences and you’ll be able to identify skills as well as capabilities that add weight to your resume.



Importance of learning while earning 3


According to CodeForce 360, there is no limit to the knowledge which can be gained as you keep working. This enables you to think bigger from a career standpoint and helps you separate yourself from the regular crop.

Furthermore, the process of learning is quintessential for a rewarding career as it adds more skills to your arsenal, provides priceless exposure and helps you bump into professionals who can take you up the ladder.

It’s never too late or hard to keep learning, bottom line.

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