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What we’ve all been waiting for

Gone are the days where you have qualms about storing and accessing all your important data while worrying about the space needed, the time taken to access it all and the heap of transactions to pay for redundant applications and services which charge more than the performance promised.

CodeForce 360 endorses the idea of tossing all those worries out the window by investing in Cloud Computing.

Riding the Cloud

Quick and easy access. Simple storage. No worries of space. These are the three basic features which CodeForce 360 believes, are making users switch from conventional forms of computing and operations to Cloud Computing.

CodeForce 360 firmly believes that with Cloud Computing, any individual or organization with internet access, can tap into their data anytime, anywhere while the data is stored securely without any change in format or text when it comes to documents, and without distortion and tampering when it comes to multimedia.

CodeForce 360 believes that there are certain easily discernible advantages when you try Cloud Computing at the basic level, some of them include the following:

  • • Zero effort required in holding or monitoring data
  • • Infinity in size, meaning infinity in space
  • • Access, anytime, anywhere with an internet connection

If these reasons are not compelling enough to go Cloud, look no further than the ease of use with Skype, Box.com or Google Docs which we undeniably rely on, every minute. However, CodeForce 360 believes there are other major advantages which not just guarantee an ease of computing in the current IT market, but paint a delectable picture of what just lies ahead in the years to come.

Advantages that simply can’t be ignored

Advantages galore! This is what CodeForce 360 believes when it comes to tapping into the Cloud. These advantages apply everywhere courtesy the ubiquitous need for data in all sectors be it banking, healthcare, defence or even the stock market where millions of dollars are spend in a trice on large databases to store and maintain the treasure troves of data flowing in by the second. These irrefutable advantages are as follows:

  • • Adjustability: CodeForce 360 believes that companies as well as large organisations need not worry about requiring a larger bandwidth to process and store their heaps of data as the remote servers of a cloud computing service promise infinite space, thus reducing the cost of having to seek the services of regular internet and storage  service providers. CodeForce 360 asserts that this adjustability will force companiesto go cloud.
  • •  Disaster management: With the Cloud Computing service providers taking care of every issue when it comes to maintaining and storing gigantic heaps of data, CodeForce 360 believes that companies and large organisations no longer have to worry about spending heavy dough on recovery software as the data is taken care of by the service providers themselves and takes nearly four times less than conventional means to recover from a debacle.
  • • Auto updating: CodeForce 360 firmly believes that companies need not invest time and money in software updates to stay up-to-date as the Cloud service providers keep releasing updates themselves and the companies just need to use their data while enjoying these automated services.
  • • Expenditure-free: Since Cloud Computing services charge a single payment for their services every time they’re needed, CodeForce 360 believes that all major companies and organisations would switch to cloud as they don’t have to shell out heavy dough for maintaining data. CodeForce 360 also believes that since Clouds are far more faster to go “up and running”, all companies and organisations will avoid spending time and money on getting large projects on board to carry out operations.
  • • Working remotely: CodeForce 360 believes this as one of the key perks of investing in Cloud Computing as you can easily access or send files anytime, anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. Moreover, dozens of companies who are going Cloud nowadays are achieving targets and enjoying an increase in productivity by hiring employees on a monthly payroll to work for them remotely while the companies can monitor their activity and performance by the second.
  • • Easy Data access and control: CodeForce 360 stresses on the importance of this advantage as both the company and the employees working full-time or remotely can access the files through a central data bank where all the files can be shared between users at the click of a button.
  • • Safe and secure data: Laptops, smartphones and tablets are always at the risk of being stolen or lost and this gets worse when you realize that you had all your work on that missing device. CodeForce 360 emphasises on the importance of Cloud storage as you can access your files even after you’ve lost your device as the Cloud can be tapped into anytime, anywhere.
  • • Getting ahead of major players: CodeForce 360 believes that by investing in Cloud Computing, startups and medium-sized companies would have the all-access pass to top-notch modern day technologies which can help them get ahead or stay on par with major organisations relying on cumbersome means and conventional technology.
  • • Increase in joint efforts: With the availability of files anytime and anywhere, plus the click-of-a-button sharing feature facilitating simple and fast sharing between the employees and management, CodeForce 360 asserts that there would be a huge increase of efficiency as the management can work in cohesion with the employees influencing open channels of communication and noticeable progress.
  • • Eco-Friendly: CodeForce 360 considers this as an important feature as companies will no longer have to worry about high-energy consumption and leaving carbon footprints with heavy-duty servers as the going Cloud just requires the compliance of a handful of remote Cloud servers that perform efficiently irrespective of the space required.

Future Prospects

With the above advantages, CodeForce 360 firmly endorses the idea of “Going Cloud” as it promises quick and easy access, simple sharing and easy maintenance at a bare minimum cost. To sum it up, CodeForce 360 predicts the prospects for the future as garishly bright with startups, medium-sized companies and major organisations investing heavily on Cloud servers to process data at close to four times the speed achieved through conventional means while having to pay a fraction of what it cost them before.

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