Reputation Management

A vast majority of companies across the world have lost tonnes of revenue and opportunities to build on initial success due to negative feedback. In the digital realm, feedback can make or break a company’s chances and when customers aren’t happy or satisfied with a product/service, they tend to go ballistic through negative feedback which can be shared across multiple social media platforms at the click of a button. This negative feedback not just stymies a company’s march towards other successful campaigns but tarnishes their reputation thus affecting future sales. Furthermore, this negative feedback can also affect your page rankings and pummel your brand image.


At CodeForce 360, we help our clients protect themselves against malicious reviews and negative feedback online. Our team of experts with treasure troves of experiences in Online Reputation Management are certified to setup multiple strategies which help our client stay ahead and cement their reputation as brands.


At CodeForce 360, we make online reputation management slick and simple with our SalesForce CRM’s Social Platforms through which we help clients gauge customer satisfaction shifts. This enables our clients to make changes and adapt based on customer requirements. In the process, our clients have contingencies for any situation related to customer satisfaction and this helps them protect their brand against any negative feedback or performance issues.

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