Lead Generation

With close to 3 Billion people online, the World Wide Web has evolved into a self-sustaining marketplace full of customers. A massive population online means competition of Darwinian proportions to grab a slice of success in terms of leads. Leads are critical for your website/application when building popularity. The web traffic that your website/application develops is profitable only when it’s effectively converted into sales, branding, and popularity. This is why Lead Generation is critical for your company’s success in today’s digital world.


Lead Generation, at CodeForce 360, is as important as it gets and with this focus we have a team of experts with a massive amount of experience in generating highly profitable leads for a huge list of companies. Our team splits the process into systematic phases which turn what is considered a technically complex process into one which is comprehensive and leaves no stone unturned.


Our lead generation strategy involves the following phases, all of which are managed and directed by our seasoned team of experts:

  1. Marketing Tactics: This phase involves tactics formulated by our team to help generate hits and actions from the customer base your company is targeting.
  2. Landing Page Optimizations: As it suggests, our team ensures that your landing page gets hits from your targeted customer base and helps convert them to profitable leads.
  3. Traffic: Traffic is what gets your website/application active and our team of professionals will implement proven strategies which help generate the traffic which your website/application needs.
  4. Split Testing: In order to make great use of leads, it’s essential to determine the type of leads among a given set which are profitable for your business. Our team of professionals use effective A/B split testing processes which helps find just that.

Effective Advertising: When you tap into paid advertising, it helps generate traffic but tends to drain you financially when it isn’t monitored. We help you manage, control, and optimize your campaigns to generate traffic while operating within budget.

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