Digital Audit

In order to measure the success of your company’s websites and applications, it’s important to understand how well your existing marketing campaigns stack up against those of your competitors. This is achieved when you solicit a service called as a Digital Audit in order to gain a comprehensive reality check.


At CodeForce 360, our Digital Auditing team helps you gain insights into your campaigns’ performance while also being able to get a comprehensive understanding of your competitors as well as their tactics. This helps your company swiftly adapt and evolve your policies based on thorough awareness of trends and existing strategies. Our Digital Auditing team takes you through this process step-by-step with sound reporting skills.


CodeForce 360’s seasoned team of digital auditors carry out a detailed process which includes the following phases for a successful audit which provides valuable insights and success-critical information.

  1. Reach Analysis: This evaluates all the strategies that your website/application implements in order to get noticed by your targeted customer base. Aspects such as clicks, hits, social media campaigns, display advertising, subscribers, image views, blog views etc. are those which are touched upon.
  2. Content Strategy Analysis: Our team of experts study your content-centric campaigns and assess their effectiveness. This includes content such as blogs, text, videos, images etc.
  3. Conversion Analysis: In this phase, our auditing team examines your company’s conversion tools across you websites/applications as well as social media handles. These include forms, Q & A’s, CTAs etc.
  4. Integration Method Analysis: This includes understanding how your websites are tied to your social media handles and channels. How customers can navigate from social media handles to websites as well as the other way around. Also in focus, is how well connected your website’s offline campaigns are partnered with various forms of advertising.
  5. Engagement Metrics: In this phase, our team of auditors skim through all the campaigns which are aimed at getting customers to tap into your services, get engaged, and perform actions that help your website/application generate quintessential leads. This phase also includes an assessment of the key metrics you rely on for pulling stats on your performance.

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