Conversion Rate Optimization

Building a great website and setting up all kinds of juicy services for potential customers turns trivial when you lack the necessary strategies to create conversion. Conversion, in web parlance, can be defined as specific actions which customers take after navigating your website. This could be anything from creating an account to buying a product. Scores of companies fail to attract customers and lose in rankings due to poor Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).


At CodeForce 360, conversion is everything and our team of CRO professionals help your website/application set a whole new standard in terms of conversion rates for better business. Our team of seasoned professionals implement a tested and proven conversion cycle which includes the following aspects:

  1. Marking marketable traffic
  2. Marketing tactics which direct hits to your website
  3. Sustaining the incoming hits
  4. Solicitation of customers’ contact details
  5. Strategies that ensure consistent footfall
  6. Effective conversion

This effective cycle has worked brilliantly for our clients and will ensure that your websites/applications will relish the traction they thrive on.

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