Differences Between Great And Average Staffing Firms: A Codeforce 360 Study

Differences Between Great And Average Staffing Firms

Staffing companies have some of the most demanding tasks in today’s competitive industry. Pooling, vetting, and delivering high-end talent to established companies takes a lot of manpower, technical know-how and networking skills. It’s no surprise that we see average and ineffective staffing companies dropping like flies in the face of mammoth tasks and massive demands.

According to CodeForce 360, staffing companies can be considered great when they are consistent in managing resources and effort, have professionals aboard who can use superior networking skills, are always on the cutting-edge when it comes to technology and can adapt to even the most extreme changes in the economy.

In this article, CodeForce 360 presents the differences between an average and a great staffing firm through key aspects that measure a firm’s efficiency:


  1. 1. Reliance on job boards: Great staffing companies evolve their methods and strategies far beyond existing job boards for pooling top-notch talent as their professionals leverage the best from career groups and networks along with maintaining contact with other established staffing firms. Average staffing firms tend to rely heavily on job boards with minimal focus on using their networking skills and building their rolodex.
  2. 2. Adaptability: A great staffing company’s plans and efforts aren’t stymied by changes in the industry as they are ready with a set of contingency plans that help them survive. Average staffing companies usually fall prey to changes in the economy and shifts in trends as they do not spend a fair amount of time on planning for these shifts and changes.
  3. 3. Maintaining a treasure trove of quality talent: Great staffing companies are driven by a belief that a vast majority of quality talent are yet to be hired. This keeps them on the hunt for the best talent every second, stacking virtual resumes by the heap and building a chest of talent at their disposal to meet the requirements of companies looking to hire the best. Average staffing companies, by virtue of inefficient networking and absence in career groups, tend to miss quality talent which is a big fetch for companies in the near future. In the process, they end up having a minimal amount of quality talent at their disposal.
  4. 4. Implementing cutting-edge technology: Great staffing firms aren’t just efficient due to their policies and strategies, but are a step ahead of the pack due to efforts being put into innovation on the technological front. This includes leveraging the best out of up and coming job portals, establishing networks in fresh professional networking platforms and implementing tools that give the firms a razor’s edge over their competition. Average staffing, on the other hand, are inept when it comes to reading trend shifts in technology and persist with legacy systems to perform their tasks.Differences Between Great And Average Staffing Firms 2
  5. 5. Customer empathy: Selling your services is all about putting yourself in the customer’s shoes and understanding their needs. Great staffing firms develop a sense of empathy when it comes to gauging customer requirements thus giving them a comprehensive understanding of the services that are on demand. Average staffing firms tend to overlook the importance understanding customer requirements and stick to conventional tactics and campaigns in order to provide their services.
  6. 6. Candidate empathy: The palpably intense competition in today’s industry brings about multiple situations where projects are cancelled in a trice due to unforeseen circumstances, leaving candidates unemployed. At the same time, candidates who measured their job satisfaction back in the day in terms of hours are now pining for stable jobs which are backed by a robust eco-system. Great staffing companies value these necessities of candidates, read through those tender nuances and strive to research and provide these opportunities while average staffing companies fail to gauge these necessities and tend to focus entirely on the numbers.
  7. 7. Developing client relationships: Great staffing firms tend to win the trust of high-profile clients and customers courtesy their constant effort to provide vetted and high-end talent. Clients are developed when they are aware of the firm’s effort to not waste their time thus providing talent with razor-sharp skill sets. Average staffing firms usually miss the importance and benefits of building client relationships which reflects in the tendency to fetch talent which may not answer a specific requirement.
  8. 8. Hiring proficient recruiters: An absolute given. No recruitment strategy is complete without a team of proficient recruiters at the helm. Great staffing firms make it a point to hire recruiters with razor-sharp skill sets, adaptability, technical know-how and superior networking skills as the recruiters eventually drive the firm’s MO. Average staffing companies show haste in hiring recruiters who may not match the proficient ones in the industry, which tends to work against the firm’s overall plans and strategies.
  9. 9. Recruiter retention: Great staffing firms firmly believe that an effective recruiter is a long-term asset. While internal recruiters are on the regular payroll, external recruiters are paid by the assignment, given excellent perks and amazing benefits which ends up providing them the incentive to keep delivering the results. The firms that fall behind fail to understand the importance of gauging an effective recruiter’s drive and eventually end up losing them.
  10. 10. Managing the show, all the way: Great staffing firms are well known for their importance towards training their team of recruiters in the hiring process. The recruiters are trained in every single aspect which is deemed critical; right from asking clients all the important questions before beginning the search for talent, the importance of leveraging the best out of tight professional networks, gauging candidate requirement and looking for parallels with that of the client and most importantly making sure that the process ends in a clinical fashion. The firms that fall behind are powered by recruiters who are not trained comprehensively in these critical aspects, leading to shortfalls and failures.Differences Between Great And Average Staffing Firms 3


The aforementioned aspects, according to CodeForce 360 helps one differentiate between great staffing firms and the ones that fail to tick. In order for true success to materialize, up and coming staffing firms should understand and note these aspects which decide the fate of thousands of staffing firms by the day.

CodeForce 360 believes that these aspects also provide a reality check for staffing firms who are looking to up their game and achieve true success across the industrial globosphere.

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