Crossing Horizons, Saving Lives: Impact Of Technology On Healthcare

Tech impact on healthcare

As technological advancements increase by the year, many fields in the industry have been impacted to the extent of redefining the way services are delivered to customers. Perhaps, one of those fields which has been at the receiving end of efficient, profitable and prospective technology is none other than healthcare.
Massive advancements have been made in every single aspect be it patient record-keeping, appointment booking, detection as well as surgical equipment. These giant strides can be observed on a daily basis as people are able to access quintessential healthcare technologies with ease.

CodeForce 360 lists the ways technology has impacted the healthcare industry:

1. Seemingly unlimited info on the Web: Unlike earlier days where we had to book an appointment at the local clinic to know more about a condition, we are relishing the ease facilitated by the digital revolution courtesy terabytes of data on almost every symptom, condition or disease which can be accessed at the push of a few keys. Surveys have indicated that close to 60% individuals look up info on the web to understand their symptoms or know more about a medical condition.
2. The infinite reach of Social Media: Hospitals, online medical services etc. are leveraging the reach provided by Social Media through frequent posts on health topics, opening up channels of communication between them and the public as well as creating discussion groups and direct communication for swiftly soliciting help and assistance. The approach has worked wonders since almost everybody relies on Social Media to keep with current affairs and hospitals are able to provide an excellent customer experience through these portals.

Tech impact on healthcare 02

3. Advanced equipment: Scanning and surgical equipment have advanced to the point of being able to eradicate an incredible number of tumours etc. which wasn’t possible a decade ago. Moreover, these advancements haven’t just widened the scope for technology but paved the way for a future full of life-saving possibilities.
4. Hospitality and record keeping: Do not be surprised if you see tablet-toting nurses striding into your ward jotting down a patient’s status and almost every piece of vital info. Medical history, vital signs, key metrics and other slices of critical data are stored by hospitals with the help of databases that hold information for research purposes. This provides medicos a shot at deducing some of the most debilitating illnesses. Apart from this, health institutions store these important data points in and publish online journals about conditions which are accessed by people looking to stay fit and aware.
5. Foreseeing health catastrophes: Search engines and online health awareness portals are able to use predictive analysis in order to foresee a possible outbreak based on the number of times a user looks up symptoms and causes for a seasonal flu or a potential epidemic. With the help of these search engines and health portals, researchers and experts get a heads up on a possible wave or outbreak thus enabling them to establish contingency plans.


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CodeForce 360 firmly believes that these impacts are just the start of things to come. Soon we’ll be able to leverage the power of technology to find cures which we never imagined existed. Millions of lives are being saved courtesy the tenacity and diligence of researchers, scientists and experts who come up with dozens of valuable inputs that pave the way for these advancements.

Moreover, with technology and academic foresight going hand-in-glove, the possibilities of curing debilitating diseases and conditions, is only going to increase.

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