Creativity, Productivity & Growth: The Advantages of Working In Startup (Growing) Companies



A phenomenon which gave the impression of a Hunter S. Thompson-like idea a decade ago and is now a sizzling topic for mainstream news, lifestyle magazines, books, movies and TV shows. In fact the phenomenon itself has garnered success in the form of films like The Social Network and TV shows like Silicon Valley.

According to CodeForce 360, this decade (so far) has been owned by growing companies or startups (as we like to call them). They operate with the ferocity of a machine at full throttle, spend quality time in managing resources, give the board room-boredom a pass and literally define field-specific responsibility in every way possible.

This trend’s influence has gone beyond the private sector into universities where there are chock-a-block lines to get the next “winning” idea incubated and students fresh in college musing all sorts of ideas courtesy the success of notable individuals taking that adrenaline-pumping leap.

To give you a peek through the looking glass, CodeForce 360 presents some of those highly-desired advantages of working in these startup companies:


  1. 1. Chance to taste true responsibility: You get to be your own boss when it comes to defining policy in your area of expertise. The chance to muse plans, conjure strategies and sport that delightful thinking cap is exhilarating in itself!
  2. 2. Complete visibility for your work: Unlike established corporations where you barely get noticed no matter how hard you work and credit is wrested for all your good deeds, startups are more rewarding as every jot and tittle of your work bears your signature. This reaps its rewards in the form of complete visibility when your work gets published and professionals on sites like LinkedIn guage your ownership for all the effort in your area of expertise.startup2
  3. 3. Opportunity to make an impact and garner recognition: The success (and failure) of your company depends on the work that you put in. When this success comes knocking, the first person to get that round of cheers and applause is you since you were fully responsible for your assigned tasking. This not just boosts morale but works as a visceral feel-good factor that motivates you to keep striving for more.
  4. 4. Learn how the business and the industry runs: Since startups are more focussed on responsibility and skill-flexibility, you’ll get to work on different projects outside your area of expertise which indirectly gives you a behind-the-scenes look at the machinations of both your company as well as the industry. The sheer knowledge itself is priceless and is truly worth its weight in gold.
  5. 5. Discover more about yourself and explore new realms: A vast majority of employees working in corporations rarely get to explore new fields and discover gifts they never thought they had. Through the process of working with complete responsibility at startups, you get to discover that you may be excellent at winning potential clients, realize that you have a professional gift of gab or even understand your strategy-devising potential which can open doors to more professional exposure.startup3
    1. 6. Add skills to your arsenal and expand your expertise: Today you may be good at creative content writing, tomorrow you may be asked to try a hand at design and likewise for technical roles and responsibilities. Once it’s a task, it evolves into a hobby then a habit and finally a new skill in your professional arsenal. As always in the private sector… the greater the skill set, the greater the chance for growth.
    2. 7. Chance to work closely with seasoned pros: Since startups are defined by teamwork, the work that you do will be monitored by the founders of your company. These individuals are the ones who’ve basically understood the tricks of the trade, possess priceless knowledge and can mentor you in ways that bear fruit for your career. As the working relationship builds, you get to learn aspects of the industry on a daily basis and have someone show you the way.
    3. 8. Professional joie de vivre which adds more to your pleasure: Say “Sayonara!” to those formals which you consider dull and mundane procedures that make you feel like Edward Norton in Fight Club. Jeans, khakis, trousers, Ed Hardy and Death Metal t-shirts are what you usually see as there are no rules when it comes to dress code. Team meetings and briefing sessions are usually held over Donuts ‘n’ Coffee or Pizza at a restaurant. This is a working atmosphere which is delightfully charged and puts you at ease, helping you focus more on the task at hand.A CHANCE LIKE NEVER BEFORE:
      CodeForce 360 asserts that the exponential increase in the number of startups by the day will lead to a paradigm shift in the way companies thrive altogether. Moreover, with limited resources, the individuals at startup companies will make a habit of thinking out of the box to solve multiple scenarios thus adding more to professional skills and capabilities.Furthermore, startup or growing companies are established to make services feasible and hassle-free with fresh ideas conjured by the hour. This in itself will add more zest to the startup ecosystem and help it sustain for decades to come.Looking for the professional experience of a lifetime? Rev up and ride the startup tide!

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