Advantages & Impact of Google Maps: A CodeForce 360 Study

Advantages and Impact of GMaps 1

Today’s smartphone-savvy generation has been defined by one application which certainly ranks among the most used on smartphones as well as PCs across the world, Google Maps. Finding a restaurant, checking the route to your destination, finding bookstores, cinemas, city discovery spots and even ATMs has never been so easy.
According to CodeForce 360, the application is close to being ubiquitous courtesy answering the need to find any place that we need to go to. Moreover, the utility of this application has bubbled into successful integrations with travel services and other tools that we use to get through our daily grind.
In this article, CodeForce 360 presents the advantages that have made the application invaluable and how each of these advantages have made life easier.

What makes Google Maps so slick and useful?

Advantages and Impact of GMaps 2

1. User-Friendly: With intuitive controls, a detailed interface and info-graphics which can be understood by anybody, Google Maps is as user-friendly as it gets. This simplicity and convenience is reflected in the fact that even the most technologically-novice of customers are able to use the application with ease.
2. Listings Galore: Whether it’s a restaurant or hotel you’re looking for, bookstores to get yourself a fine read, cinemas showcasing the latest blockbusters, finding the easiest route to your destination or finding an ATM for a quick withdrawal; Google Maps has it all!
3. Business Launchpad: If you have a company that needs visibility and people looking you up, there’s no better way than to have it listed on Google Maps. Having your company listed on Google Maps not just makes you searchable but helps boost your SEO. With critical details like address, working hours etc. listed for a customer, it’s easier for your customers and clients to find you while also developing hassle-free feedback channels for your customers.

Advantages and Impact of GMaps 3

4. Easy Sharing: You can easily share destinations and certain locations with friends and family, making it extremely easy for you to coordinate timeouts and get-togethers.
5. Transportation Modes Listing: If you’re heavily reliant on public transportation to get to work or hotspots, fret not! Google Maps has everything listed; right from bus numbers and their designated routes with trains and train routes. This makes it easy for you to grab a coffee while waiting those few minutes to catch a ride.
6. Spawning Ideas, Creating New Arenas: The phenomenon of being able to find places from the comfort of your couch is surreal in itself. Services provided by companies like Uber thrive on Google Maps as finding, booking and tracking cabs is done completely using the application. The fact that Uber is among the most talked about travel services companies at the moment (without owning a single car!) is going to spawn new services which we never thought we needed and arenas that are definitely going to change the world.

Highly-Anticipated Future

Advantages and Impact of GMaps 4

While the whole world gawks at the resourcefulness of Google Maps and think that it’s too good to be true, CodeForce 360 believes that there are plenty of things in store for the future that is sure to have people perpetually-hooked.
Despite ticking all possible boxes to ensure an amazing user-experience, CodeForce 360 believes that there lots of future developments around the corner with better content for each listing, comprehensive transit schedules, offline mapping and the highly-anticipated 3D mapping. Moreover, with cities being covered, Google Maps’ street view will make it easier for adventure buffs to discover hiking trails!
These future developments are going to take the world by storm in the near future. If you’ve been bowled-over by Google Maps so far, prepare to be enthralled by the developments to come!


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