A Sneak Peek at a Tech Savvy Future- CodeForce 360 Presents the Future of Wearables


Among all the recent developments in the technological globosphere of the 21st century, no invention or advancement in technology can generate more buzz than wearables. Just the mention of the word gets anybody’s attention as the sheer thought of sporting a device, less than the size of an apple, being able to perform functions that are quintessential day-to-day functions, piques anybody’s curiosity. Right from Google’s Glass to Apple’s Watch, to Fitbit’s activity tracker, wearables have not just shown us a glimpse of what the future can be about, but also showed the importance of portable technology which helps people perform a myriad of functions with amazing device portability.

However, critics have pointed out several flaws in the dozens of wearables of the past 5 years, particularly the price during the first few months of release, the lack of efficiency in carrying out a particular function which also resulted in a staggering 25 percent return rate in the industry. CodeForce 360 asserts that the wearables of the next few years can garner great success in terms of use and efficiency as long as they perform at least a single day-to-day function which is deemed quintessential.

CodeForce 360 analyzes the idea of wearables and the trends while painting a picture of what the future can possibly hold with wearables at the helm.

Predicted Features of the Future

  •  Hidden in Plain Sight: According to CodeForce 360, dozens of wearables will be released in the years to come which will be almost invisible to the naked eye, not because of one of those cloaks from those 80s Sci-Fi movies, but due to the fact there will be a collaboration between tech and fashion giants in creating and designing fabrics with embedded features which could carry out biometric functions.
  • A Personalized Touch: Be it a watch, a wallet, an amulet or even a pending ring, wearable technology is sure to bank on the idea of bringing a personalized touch to products since having any your wearable belongings carry out a biometric function is a marketable quality of the product which is sure to bag big money.
  • • Energy-Efficient: Right from the obvious solar energy that could be used to power almost anything with the required cells, to devices which are driven by kinetic energy, wearable of the future are sure to implement the best practises which are not just outright eco-friendly, but would also help achieve great commercial success.
  • • Accuracy: The digital world today is all about getting the math right. From percentages to aggregates to the number of steps you take to work, every single number that’s recorded, has to be accurate. So, with these expectations already high, cutting-edge devices which are slim, portable and clock you activity accurately up to even the second decimal, will be invaluable.
  • • Ad Blocking and Privacy Settings: As much as manufacturers and marketing giants look to capitalize on the prospects of mobile device marketing, Adware can be a nightmare especially when your wearable, which helps you perform important tasks, is plagued with dozens of ads and commercials that just don’t stop popping up. Wearables, in the future, will certainly have ad block settings as the purpose of buying a wearable is defeated when the task to be carried out is interrupted every now and then.
  • Smart Functions: Wearables not only have the ability to perform basic computational tasks, but also have the scope of being a part of our lifestyle in multiple ways. Certain wearables that we wear on the body can interact with sensors which, on analyzing the hydration levels, body temperature or even heartbeat, can prompt you with requests to either slow your pace of walking, pour yourself a glass of water or even switch on the air conditioner. These smart functions are not just perky, but change the way we think about inanimate devices running on microchips, giving them a greater level of importance in our lives.

Looking Forward to the Future

These advantages (above), according to CodeForce 360, will be a certainty in the future because technology, which is turning smarter and evolving by the second, is sure to take more than a few giant leaps. CodeForce 360 asserts that wearables will be indispensable in the future as people are sure to become far more technologically savvy, relying on the use of technology to carry out even the most basic of functions.

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