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With the gigantic digital boom of the last decade and a half; data processing, storage, and analysis has played a strategic role in every firm’s success or failure. Almost everything that is readable or up for a review undergoes a process of “digitisation”, be it public health records, library records, financial reports, employee profiles or even stock market indexing.

Dozens of surveys by tech gurus and researcher have indicated that the need for digitisation is only going to increase as the data pooled in high-end databases double in short cycles sporadically. Much of this sporadic increase can be attributed to the advent of social media packing unstructured data, where the raw data that includes text, videos and high quality images along with their metadata which includes the number of clicks, shares and page
rankings require high-end databases which store the information flowing in at the rate of terabytes per hour.

Moreover, the storage and use of unstructured data and metadata from social media platforms simply cannot be ignored as retail and insurance firms invest in the idea of using an individual’s digital footprint to sell their product. All of this information requiring colossal databases can be processed effectively only when it’s processed as “information in transit” rather than “static bulks of data”, which is why Codeforce360 had identified the importance of Big Data.

Swinging with the paradigm shift

With the increase in the flow of massive amounts of unstructured data, traditional software tools have become ineffective and the concept of relational databases has become explicitly redundant since it’s not suitable for dynamic and open environments.

Codeforce360 endorses Big data as the solution to these problems since it aims at effectively storing, processing, sorting and analyzing data. Dozens of global firms including Codeforce360 have already employed Big Data open-source management tools like Hadoop to effectively manage data while the firms have valuable insights that help them get out of dodge or review their strategy that helps define the course of things to come.

Identifying Invaluable Advantages

According to Jannis Kalinikos, Professor of Information Systems at the London School of Economics, “The development of knowledge is driven by permutations and commutations performed on huge masses of data”.

Codeforce360 believes in heavily investing in the concept of Big Data as the productive use
of its management tools will definitely lead to strategic and technical advantages for organizations going forward:

  • The rate at which data is aggregated and implemented with the implementation of Big Data exceeds our existing physical capabilities of processing and managing gigantic volumes of data.
  • Large firms finding great success through the use of Big Data would eventuallyinspire start-ups to invest in Big Data leading to a greater growth potential through effective data analytics while increasing the awareness about Big Data capabilities
  • Big Data would help retail and manufacturing firms understand the swing incustomer requirements and satisfaction with valuable insights into their behaviour which is easily discernible through effective analysis of their shares, clicks, views and second thoughts about buying a product.
  • Change in trends in marketing and consumer awareness leads to a demand inincreased product quality, capabilities, and effective marketing. Big Data would help the firms analyze the existing capabilities and help them swiftly adapt to the change.
  • Dozens of industries and warehouses face huge losses due to the cost of replacingmachinery after they wear out. Big Data helps in swift analysis of the existing machinery and tools used in production, resulting in reports of faults and required improvement in certain areas which would lead to swift checks and minor replacements that would cost just a fraction of the amount to replace the whole equipment.
  • Companies that are engrossed in strategies for success tend to overlook the humanerrors made in maintaining records and information while also ignoring the effects of information presented in inappropriate ways. Big Data helps identify these errors through noticeable red flags which would draw the firm’s attention and rectify them effectively.

Predicted Future Prospects

With the discernible versatility when it comes to managing and leveraging insights with the help of Big Data, Codeforce360 aims at continuing its relentless and equally effective use of the power of Big Data to conquer the technical and strategic challenges posed by the 21st century’s digital-age.

No longer will there be an unnecessary emphasis on rigid, one-dimensional relational databases and conventional tools as the importance of effectively managing heavily unstructured data decides future success.

Moreover, after making giant leaps in the world of consultancy and outsourcing, Codeforce360 believes that the level of emphasis on Big Data would eventually lead to strategic, financial and technological success while hitting the high note when it comes to the use and implementation of fresh, versatile technology to conquer future challenges.

If you want to start a career as a Big Data Professional or if you are a Big Data Professional looking for new opportunities our team at CodeForce360 would love to hear from you, Contact us today to learn more about our client companies and the ways in which we can help you take the next step in your big data career.

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