10 Tips to Crack The Toughest of Interviews: A Codeforce 360 Report

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Having a great interview is all about making sure that you have done your research; research on the dos and dont’s in an interview. A certain percentage of candidates fail to make the cut due to sheer lack of knowledge of these dos and dont’s. Being aware of these often decide the result of your interview, whether you’ve made the cut or if you’ve failed to tick those boxes in the interviewer’s checklist.

CodeForce 360 presents all of those dos and dont’s in the form of critical tips that turn the tide of fortunes in some of the most gruelling interviews:

  1. 1. Making yourself presentable: The first thing that an interviewer notices when you walk through the door. Appearing untidy or clumsy points to a lack of importance towards the occasion. This is strike one and defines the tone of the interview. While appearing neat and setting a good example in body language is a feature that creates a positive impression and ticks Box #1.
  2. 2. Project confidence: Exuding a sense of confidence indicates your belief in being willing and able to take on a challenge no matter how big. It’s an infectious trait which makes an impact on even the most seasoned of interviewers. While appearing rattled indicates the lack of mental strength, which for the interviewer, is a waste of time and opportunity.
  3. 3. Understanding the JD: It’s very important to go through the job description and understand the reason for your requirement. Many interviewers fire away with questions on this aspect and are not pleased with a muddled response.
  4. 4. Why the company needs you?: This is among the toughest questions one can face. Some interviews prefer the answer to be out-of-the-box without the regular list of human traits while others prefer something that’s sharp and to the point. Finding an answer which suits both these requirements is a must.
  5. 5. Resume veracity: Companies spend time and money on recruitment. They’re smart and make sure they perform those necessary background checks before they let you walk in through the door. Hence, it’s important to make sure that those bullet points on your resume are facts and not something conjured to make the cut. Candidates who fail to speak the truth regarding their experience/achievements are instantly rejected.tips2
    1. 6. Expect the unexpected: The tone of an interview could be anything. While some resemble an insanely gruelling vetting process, the others have an air of ease where you’re asked to sit on a bean bag. This unpredictability also applies to the questions asked and some interviews barely have questions about your academic background and focus on practical matters. Be prepared for anything.
    2. 7. Choose “I don’t know” over bluffing: Not everybody’s perfect. Even the best of interviews are filled with scenarios where the candidate is unaware of the answer.  When faced with a situation where you’re unable to answer a questions, politely say ” I don’t know” instead of making things up. The latter is something which the interviewer finds exasperating while admitting your lack of awareness is a sign of being honest and direct.
    3. 8. Never show up late: A no-brainer. Appearing late for an interview indicates a completes apathy, which is a criteria for termination. In fact, a majority of interviews never even start when you’re late. Making sure that you arrive at the venue 30 to 60 minutes before the scheduled start is an absolute must.
    4. 9. Research on pay scales: Asking for a pay which is far above that industry’s standard pay or even requesting for too many hikes clearly indicates a lack of awareness. Make sure that you research the existing pay scales in the industry before making any requests regarding the same.
    5. 10. Ending on a high: Be appreciative of the opportunity to be interviewed for the particular position. Thank the interviewer for the experience and display a sense of curiosity about the company’s structure and working model. This is an indication of an intellectual curiosity which can work in your favour.

CodeForce 360 considers these 10 tips as the key behind acing even the toughest of interviews. These tips are sure to give you an edge from a preparatory standpoint when you walk through that door and face some of the most unexpected and equally tough questions.

CodeForce 360 believes that preparation is quintessential and being lackadaisical about these tips and aspects places your chances on thin ice.

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