10 Amazing Social Media Tools For Business-2016

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Social Media marketing is literally the most practical, customer-friendly, cost-effective, and time-saving solution out there. The first half of this year has already seen major corporations leverage success from social media, engaging scores of customers and releasing product-related content that are easy reads on-the-go and have people hooked 24/7.
While the idea of using social media is deemed invaluable in itself, there are certain tools that pack the firepower to get your communities running like clockwork. In this article, CodeForce 360 presents some of the most effective social media tools that are sure to help you build your communities, generate traffic, and set up a platform that helps facilitate smarter marketing!

1. Buffer: One of the most popular tools out there today. Schedule multiple posts across FB, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest with this chic and efficient tool. You can add pictures and even links to be shared with your communities at just a few clicks.

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2. Edgar: Our feeds ensure that we are constantly bombarded with heaps of content from multiple sources, but more often than not we tend to miss out on scintillating content which isn’t just a great read but is excellent for those re-posts. Edgar helps you cluster all your content thus facilitating easy tracing of those articles which you’re sure to share again in the near future.

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3. BundlePost: Organic marketing is used by many companies looking to save dough on social media marketing. This, in turn, leads to reliance on hashtags and other means of getting users across the social globosphere to view your posts. BundlePost is ideal for situations such as these courtesy nifty tricks like replacing keywords with trending hashtags and other methods that help you make those swift posts seamlessly.

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4. HootSuite: Widely considered to be a “beast” when it comes to social media marketing, HootSuite provides you all those attractive analytics for leveraging insights and timing your moves to perfection. Apart from this you can also use an assortment of tools to develop and share content effortlessly.

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5. Brand24: Feedback and responses drive social media campaigns 24/7 and keeping track of these things isn’t possible all the time. Brand24 helps you stay up-to-date with everything that’s going on with real-time updates on comments, feedback and other PR essentials while also helping you keep an eye on competitors.

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6. Social Clout: A slick tool that helps you analyse and improve your social media campaign’s progress with updates and tips on keywords, content, and more while presenting all the data you need to pace you moves and enforce the right plans to maximize output. With these data points, you’ll also be able to analyse the variance in feedback to understand customer expectations and boost sales.

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7. AgoraPulse: Ideal for those who rely heavily on the two most popular social media platforms: FB & Twitter. AgoraPulse helps you leverage the best out of both platforms with frequent reports, applications, CRM tools, and more.

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8. Bit.ly: A go-to tool for shortening those URLs and receiving click stats on your posts. This is ideal, particularly for those relying on twitter, where character-length constraints and brevity are the call of the day.

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9. SocialOomph: A tool which is heavily similar to Buffer. Schedule your posts and shares on FB and Twitter effectively while being able to receive analytics, shorten URLs and source trending keywords to power your social media campaigns.

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10. Crowd Booster: Crowd Booster helps you receive consistently-updated analytics and insights that help you manage your social media campaigns. Moreover, you’re sure to save time on generating reports as they’re automated. Using these “smart” reports you can optimize your reports to generate the traffic that your campaigns thrive on.

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According to CodeForce 360, these tools pack all the essentials required to boost your social media communities across multiple handles while generating those quintessential insights that helps you stay ahead of the pack. Almost every business is using those nifty tricks offered by top-notch social media tools and yours requires nothing less.
Technology is taking giant strides in the digital age and being a “social alpha” is all about using the tricks of the trade brought to you by tools that make the difference.


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